Who Can Prescribe Suboxone Medicine?

Who Can Prescribe Suboxone Medicine?

Suboxone is not the over-the-counter medicine that you can take alone. You need a doctor to prescribe the medicines. Contact Norton Health Care for your opioid addiction treatment. we have the best team of suboxone doctors who will treat your complication by making you feel relaxed. Don’t think about withdrawal symptoms that arise when you stop taking the abused drugs. Our comprehensive treatment plans help you break the chain of cravings gradually.

Suboxone is used by many health care providers to offer a way of recovery from opioid addiction. It is included in the MAT (Medication-Assisted Treatment) programs. MAT is a well-known option because it not only makes you independent from the drug but also helps you stay strong psychologically during the treatment.

If you are ready to be treated for your addiction, Norton health Care will hold your hand and stay with you until you feel comfortable in this journey.   Addiction treatment centers are everywhere and you must contact the best and nearest option from your place. Find out the suboxone doctors near and get an appointment with him/her. Call Norton Health Care and book an appointment with our doctor for your treatment.

Many people unwillingly continue their addiction because of the strong withdrawal. If that is your case, we can help you. And those who want to get highs always, no one can help them to stop taking the drugs. The first thing is to determine that you need the treatment to live an addiction-free life.

Methadone is another important drug for opioid addiction treatment. In 1960, the drug was included in the MAT treatment for offering the needed relief from strong withdrawal and building tolerance for the treatment. It blocked the euphoric highs and that offered the real solution for the drug addiction. Although methadone provided much-needed relief from opioid addiction, the medicine was prohibited with the implementation of the new Law that stated people needed to be under the Opioid Treatment Program for treating opioid addiction.

The use of suboxone is wide because people wanted treatment plans that help them gradually adjust to the situation. It creates the high not with the same degree as full opioids do. This nature helps patients to slowly get rid of the drugs causing addiction.

Does suboxone legal?

In 2002, the Drug Addiction Treatment ACT was imposed and it allowed the certified doctors can treat opioid addiction issue and the act included a few medicines for the treatment. Suboxone is one of them. Though the drug was accepted for the opioid addiction treatment, some restrictions were attached to the use of these drugs. This is why it has made mandatory to prescribe the medicines only by the authorized doctors who have undergone the training and got the certification for carrying out the treatments.

After completing the certification, a doctor can treat 30 patients in the first year. a doctor can generally prescribe treatments for the 100 patients but the number can be increased to 275 as per the Office of National Drug Control Policy Reauthorization Act 2006 – a modification of DATA 2000.

We have the best team of doctors for your treatment. Contact Norton Health Care and get the best suboxone doctor by your side. We have branches in Norton MA, Salem NH, and Dover NH. Call us to book an appointment with our doctors.

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