Teenagers get addicted to opioids due to misusing prescription opioids. After sports injury or surgery, doctors will provide patients prescription pain killers that contain opioids. These medicines work really well for your pain treatment. Teenagers often misuse drugs to get feelings of highs. When they get addicted to drugs is unknown to them also. So, as parents, you must take responsible steps to keep them away from the addiction. Norton Health Care is an old name in opioid addiction treatments. We have some unique approach that allows our doctors to treat the addiction in the best.

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Don’t take prescription drugs the wrong way because they have a higher chance to get addicted. Consult with the best doctors and come up with the best solution for your health.

What are opioids?

Opioids are available in the opium poppy plant. Some prescription opioids are made from natural ingredients. Some are also made in a lab.

The commonly used opioids:

The most commonly used drugs are oxycodone, hydrocodone, codeine, and morphine. Some opioids, such as heroin, are not medicines and they are shot in the arms through the syringe. Sometimes, prescription opioids are misused by crushing or injecting medicines.

The risk of misusing opioids:

When you start misusing opioids, you get dependent on opioids gradually. You get addicted to the drugs and it spoils everything. You cannot control your addiction and you need the drugs for your living. So, keep yourself away from the addiction. For teenagers, it is the most important thing for you. Don’t get addicted to drugs.

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You should know about Fentanyl:

Fentanyl is an opioid that is powerful than heroin. Medically, the drug is given for extreme pain or pain due to surgeries. This medicine is misused by people by mixing it with other drugs.

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Opiate and opioids are the two most confusing terms and they are used interchangeably in the medical world. Both of them activate the same receptor sites of the brain and have similar effects on the central nervous systems. But they are different by definition. Opiates denote the naturally occurring drugs from the opium poppy plant such as opium and morphine. Opioids are a man-made drug which is made from morphine and it includes synthetic drugs also, such as oxycodone, hydrocodone, and more. Opiates and opioids are both highly addictive. If you or someone close to you is suffering this addiction, find the best Rehab Clinic at Norton. Suboxone is one of the best treatment options for opioid addiction. Get the best doctor and start your treatment.

Opioids are a term that can go with opiates and opioids both. Opiates are generally used as a pain reliever, but the prolonged use of the drug can cause addiction. The common opioids which are easily available in the market are dilaudid, oxycodone, hydrocodone and fentanyl, and more. One should not forget the illicit drug heroin that increases the addiction rate. Norton Health Care is one of the best addiction treatment centers in Salem & Dover NH. Get the best treatment and live an addiction-free life.

Opiates are taken from the opium plant which was first brought to the cultivation by Sumerians in 3,400 B.C. Soon it entered the market, the plant was recognized as the joy plant and the merchants understood its various usages. Opium was used widely as a pain reliever and it also helped in sleep.

Naturally derived drugs from opium plant are opiates and when they are further manipulated synthetically, they are called opioids. Opiates are available in the drug market as prescription pharmaceuticals such as – morphine, codeine, methadone, and more. They are also available as the illicit street drugs such as heroin and opium.

All of these above-mentioned drugs can be abused and people get addicted to them strongly. Find the suboxone doctors and take a step towards the addiction-free life. suboxone drug itself works as a partial opiate agonist and it activates the receptor sites of the brain without causing the same high as the full agonists do. They help in relieving withdrawal symptoms and reduce the cravings for drugs gradually. If you are looking for the doctors for your opiate addiction, contact Norton Health care. Here, suboxone doctors accept health insurance which brings down the treatment costs and saves you financially. For any treatment-related query, please contact us.

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