Opioid addiction puts many people in worry; because once people get dependent on opioids, it is really hard to get rid of. Health care organizations and doctors can play an active role in reducing the number of opioid addiction cases. Norton Health Care is one of the health care organizations that help people control their addiction. Anyone who is suffering from the opioid-related issue can contact with us. We have branches in Norton MA, Salem NH, and Dover NH. If you want to consult with us, call us at 508-285-8550 or Book An Appointment.

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If anything helps in reducing opioid addiction cases, it is non-opioid therapy for pain management. People get addicted to opioids when they start taking drugs for managing their acute pain. To help people who are suffering from severe pain issues, doctors must prescribe non-opioid medicines. The less you use opioids, the more benefits you will get.

Goals for pain and function:

Every doctor comes up with the right goals for managing pain and functions. They must choose the right option. Considering the benefits, opioid treatment should be designed accordingly. They must also plan for discontinuing opioids if they do not get an effective result.

Discuss Risks and Benefits:

Doctors should discuss risks and benefits both with the patients to make them aware that how opioids can affect their health. If people get them in difficult to get rid of opioids, contact Norton Health Care. We are actively serving a wide region of New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

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Use immediate-release opioid:

When a doctor prescribes opioid therapy for pain management, they must prescribe immediate-release medicines instead of extended-release medicines. Immediate-release opioids are faster acting medication with a shorter pain-relieving option.

Short duration for pain management:

The duration of pain management with opioids should be short. Doctors must prescribe short-acting opioids with the lowest dose for pain management. For treating acute pain, opioids are given across the world. People need to find out the right option for their therapy.

Doctors must evaluate benefits and harms both:

Opioid pain management needs frequent evaluation to understand the benefits of medicines. Doctors need to assess benefits and risks both and if they find anything unusual with the outcome of opioid pain management, they must immediately take action.

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Suboxone is an opioid treatment drug used by doctors because of its character to suppress the withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings. Made of buprenorphine and naloxone, this semi-synthetic drug has been very popular and is used as an alternative to methadone, an opioid medicine for treating addiction in a comparatively strict environment. You must contact the best rehab center to avoid any health issues related to addictions. Visit Norton Health Care and contact an experienced suboxone doctor who will take care of your health needs.

Both methadone and suboxone are opioids but they do not create the same high as full opioid agonists do. These medicines have a huge use for reducing withdrawal symptoms and cravings. They are less addictive and will not cause another addiction for those who have already addicted to opioids.

But, there is another fact that should be pointed out. Those who are not addicted to any other drugs have the chance to get dependent on suboxone. You need to find the best suboxone doctor who takes care of your health by prescribing the right dose for you. buprenorphine in suboxone has a longer half-life that means how many times the half of the given dose takes to leave the body. The data reveals that 37 hours is the period of buprenorphine half-life. So, suboxone takes nearly 8 days to drain from the body. After this, it is not traceable in any tests.

There are other things also that inspire flushing suboxone out of the body and these factors include:

  1. Body fat content
  2. Weight and height
  3. Age metabolism speed
  4. Size of the last dose
  5. Liver health

Norton Health Care shares some important details for you your health. People want to know how long the drug is detectable in the blood. When the metabolism of suboxone starts in the liver, it creates metabolites that stay in the body longer than the drug. If you think that you are not tested positive after 8 days of the last dose, you are mistaking. This metabolite can turn the drug test result positive.

There are various tests involved to check whether someone takes buprenorphine or not. Urine test is the most common and it traces buprenorphine 40 minutes after the drug is taken. For those heavy builders of buprenorphine, the drug takes a longer time as much as 2 weeks after the last dose. Hair tests are also suggested because this medicine has a presence in the hair follicles. It is not a very reliable form of drug testing, although.

If you need any help regarding suboxone and opioid addiction treatments, Norton Health Care will help you. Doctors of the health care centers offer the right support to their patients.

Opioid addiction has come up with so many factors, including the guidelines for providers. It mainly talks about the prescription dosage and its reductions so that no one can develop opioid dependence. If you have an experience opioid treatment provider, he/she takes care of the matter for you and gives you the right way for treating your opioid addiction. Norton Health Care is one of the Rehab Clinic Centers at Norton MA and they offer you treatment plans that meet your requirements.

Sudden reduction in dose will bring so many health complications and this is why providers need to follow some rules. It was noticed in the past that some providers unsafely lower the opioids dose making the situation and conditions of patients worse. These providers were unable to offer the dose transition support. Therefore, many patients turned to the illicit obtain of the drugs. At Norton Health Care, you are guided by experienced providers. We have branches in three main locations in Norton MA and Salem and Dover NH. Every branch has the best team of doctors for you.  Get an appointment from David Dildine, M.D., Uma Rao, M.D., Steven Descoteaux, M.D. and more. Our opioid addiction treatment providers hold years of knowledge in the field and suggest the best treatment option.

Our providers always consult with patients when it comes to lowering the dosage. Nothing can be decided without the ignorance of any one of the two ends. Treatment is based on the shared decision. While the abrupt reduction is not included, the tapering off process is there to make people opioids free. When to start this process particularly depends on how patients react to the treatment. Our doctors even come up with the fact that many patients can be prescribed for the lower dose without harming their balanced conditions. It can improve their condition to give back their normal life.

The data also suggested that the patients who successfully take the lower opioids dose can enjoy better sleep and behavior. Withdrawal symptoms are the common cause that stops patients from getting rid of opioids by themselves alone. When they are guided by experienced providers, the effective steps will bring the real result.

Doctors believed that opioid addictions can be lowered by 5% to 20% a week. But the slow tapering off helps patients avoid the withdrawal symptoms. Norton Health Care is offering MAT therapy to patients. It includes both medications and behavioral therapy so that patients can achieve the result sooner. If you need any treatment-related information, contact us.

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