Opioid addiction puts many people in worry; because once people get dependent on opioids, it is really hard to get rid of. Health care organizations and doctors can play an active role in reducing the number of opioid addiction cases. Norton Health Care is one of the health care organizations that help people control their addiction. Anyone who is suffering from the opioid-related issue can contact with us. We have branches in Norton MA, Salem NH, and Dover NH. If you want to consult with us, call us at 508-285-8550 or Book An Appointment.

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If anything helps in reducing opioid addiction cases, it is non-opioid therapy for pain management. People get addicted to opioids when they start taking drugs for managing their acute pain. To help people who are suffering from severe pain issues, doctors must prescribe non-opioid medicines. The less you use opioids, the more benefits you will get.

Goals for pain and function:

Every doctor comes up with the right goals for managing pain and functions. They must choose the right option. Considering the benefits, opioid treatment should be designed accordingly. They must also plan for discontinuing opioids if they do not get an effective result.

Discuss Risks and Benefits:

Doctors should discuss risks and benefits both with the patients to make them aware that how opioids can affect their health. If people get them in difficult to get rid of opioids, contact Norton Health Care. We are actively serving a wide region of New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

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Use immediate-release opioid:

When a doctor prescribes opioid therapy for pain management, they must prescribe immediate-release medicines instead of extended-release medicines. Immediate-release opioids are faster acting medication with a shorter pain-relieving option.

Short duration for pain management:

The duration of pain management with opioids should be short. Doctors must prescribe short-acting opioids with the lowest dose for pain management. For treating acute pain, opioids are given across the world. People need to find out the right option for their therapy.

Doctors must evaluate benefits and harms both:

Opioid pain management needs frequent evaluation to understand the benefits of medicines. Doctors need to assess benefits and risks both and if they find anything unusual with the outcome of opioid pain management, they must immediately take action.

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