Opioid addiction has become a serious health concern and many people are suffering from the addiction issue. Due to taking opioids for a long time, people get addicted to drugs. Opioids disturb the function of the brain by producing artificial endorphin that not only blocks pain but also makes you feel good. For taking the medicine continuously, your brain starts relying on the medicines and this causes addiction. Norton Health Care can make you relief from this addiction. Follow the doctor’s advice and maintain the direction. Visit our branches in Norton MA, Salem NH, and Dover NH.

Finding the right symptom for opioid abuse is difficult, particularly when people abuse prescription pain killers. If the addicted person is close to you, know the symptoms to offer the right help. Norton Health Care is a health care clinic and our doctors are also associated with the awareness campaign. Here, we are offering some of the symptoms with which you can guess that the person is suffering from an addiction issue. Talk to him/her and discuss the best way out. Take an appointment with a doctor and start the treatment.

Symptoms of opioid addiction:


opioid medication releases dopamine and it makes you feel good and you also experience the high or euphoric condition. It also increases the craving.

Sudden mood swing:

Mood swing is very common. Those who are addicted to the drug, experience high and low both. Mood swing is common in this regard.


People start spending time alone. They avoid social gatherings and events. They want to stay in isolation.


Addicted person shields their personal lives from their friend and family members. They do not want to show a sign that they are addicted to opioids.

Financial problem:

Opioid addiction increases the craze for the drugs. People start borrowing money. They are in financial problems.

Issues with friends and family:

Those who get dependent on opioids experience difficulties to maintain their normal life and they are struggling to maintain a relationship with friends and family members. It also affects their professional lives.

Legal issues:

People tend to commit crimes when they are in addiction. Sometimes, they drive when they are in the drug influence. Since addiction makes obstacles in their judgment, they finally end up arguing with the law and get arrested.

Breaking commitments:

They forget their promises due to the influence of the drugs and they are not keeping up their commitments.

There are many such issues that can be the symptoms of addictions. Consult with the opioid addiction treatment center and start treatments for the addiction. Norton Health Care is offering addiction treatments. Call us or visit our branches to consult with doctors. Though we are located in Norton MA, Salem NH, and Dover NH, our patients come from the popular regions like Manchester and Lawrence, Brockton, Taunton, Attleboro, and Rochester.

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