There are many mysteries associated with opioids. Some are revealed, and some remain mysterious. Opioids are prescribed for relieving pain, but they can make the pain worse. This is fact and this is why people who are on opioid medicines must take medicines as per a doctor’s prescription and never take the medicine without the consultation of doctors, even though they have taken the medicine earlier as a doctor’s prescription. Norton Health Care has been in the field for many years. We have the best team of doctors who are prescribing medicines to break the chain of addictions.

Popping a pill for the pain is not the best idea. opioids block pains, but they also produce so many health issues. Opioids work effectively when you want relief from the pain after a surgery or an injury and this type of pain will go away in three to four days. But if you take opioids for more than 4 weeks, it makes the condition of pain worse. Consult an opioid doctor and find the best way to treat your pain.

Norton Health Care has a team of experienced suboxone doctors who help patients control their addiction with the use of medicines. Suboxone is the medicine with buprenorphine and naloxone. Both ingredients control the opioid cravings and lower the withdrawal symptoms.

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Opioids block pain, but when you use the medicine for a long time, you will get addicted to the drugs. Opioids increase the receptor sites of the brain that get the pain signal. This means you need more doses of the medicine to get rid of the pain. If you stop taking the medicines, you will experience pain and it continues for about three days. If you continue to take the medicine, you have a higher chance to get addicted to the drugs.

Do you know that our body has natural opioids called endorphins? When you get dependent on opioids, our body forgets to produce natural endorphins. This process will disturb your body’s ability to naturally heal the treatment.

If you get addicted to opioids, book an appointment with the suboxone doctors.

Norton Health Care is one of the oldest names for opioid addiction treatment. You can contact our doctors and take a step to your treatment. Initially, it will be hard for you. But as you proceed in the treatment, everything will be easier. Contact Norton Health Care for more details.

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