The truth of opioid addiction is a bit tough to understand and, at the same time, is painful too. Many people who have an addiction are thought of being unable to complete recovery. In this case, the relapse case is higher than the other drug addiction. People also experience overdose and this causes death. So, the situation is far complex than other drug addictions. You must consult a doctor for your addiction treatment because you cannot do it alone.

Norton Health Care is offering opioid addiction treatment for your health. We are offering a comprehensive treatment so that patients get complete care from us. We will never leave you alone when you start recovering from your addiction. To know more details about our treatment plans, visit New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Opioid addiction brings changes in the brain’s functions and getting rid of this health issue needs a throughout understanding of addiction and how it develops. Many people who have gone through addiction treatment keep them away from the drugs for a few times. After a few days, they start taking the drugs when relapses occur.

After the addiction treatment, a patient has decreased opioid tolerance. So, when they use the drugs keeping the dose the same, it seems overdose for the body and it reacts immediately. People will start showing overdose-related complications. Sometimes, death happens in such cases.

To help people to have a less painful journey of opioid addiction, many treatment centers start offering harm reduction treatment. This can be called the replacement therapy where suboxone drug has been prescribed to help patients experience less intense withdrawal symptoms.

The truth is that many health centers focus on replacement therapy only, not on a holistic approach to addiction treatment. For this reason, people stay away from their drugs but they rely on these medicines in the long run. They will not get complete freedom from their addiction since they need suboxone or other medicines to stay well.

True suboxone doctors always prescribe a comprehensive treatment plan for addiction treatments. They use suboxone medicines for the opioid detox. And after the process, patients are kept in the maintenance therapy where doctors try to reduce the dose of suboxone gradually.

Along with the medicines, patients will also get behavioral and counseling therapy for the treatment. With this, patients will get counseling and behavioral therapy that helps them bring a positive note to their lives.

Suboxone must be prescribed by an experienced doctor. Otherwise, it makes health issues complicated. For outpatient treatment, there must be many clinic visits for patients to ensure that they take the drugs rightly and they are improving.

If you think that suboxone does not work for you, this is wrong. You need to change your doctor, instead. Call Norton Health Care and start your treatment. We have branches in Norton MA and Salem NH.

Opioid detox is a painful process and many people step back from the opioid addiction treatment due to the complex withdrawal symptoms. This is why sometimes doctors prescribe rapid detox for patients. As the name suggests, it is not a prolonged process. It lasts three to four days and patients achieve maximum results from the detox formula. But, not all patients are eligible for rapid detox. Doctors will decide whether your conditions support this detox option or not. Contact Norton Health Care and consult with the experienced suboxone doctors for your health. We have branches in Norton MA and Salem NH.

The withdrawal phase is the barrier of opioid addiction treatment. The symptoms are unbearably tough to tolerate. Nausea, shaking, pain, and more are common symptoms. Generally, opioid addiction treatment needs an in-patient process where patients need to stay a certain period in an accredited rehab center. Doctors will supervise their health always with the medications and the treatment choices. Rapid detox does not take too much time. It is a short term but effective treatment option for your health. To know whether you are eligible for the addiction or not, you must contact our suboxone doctors. We are open to the COVID-19 situation also. Since addiction treatment does not accept appointment skips, we are always ready to serve our patients with maintaining social distance.

Rapid detox is a safe process if you get an experienced doctor by your side. It does not take too much time and you no need to spend days and weeks in a hospital for the treatment. But, one always needs to contact an experienced doctor for this treatment. In addiction treatment, suddenness is avoided because our body needs time to adjust to the new conditions. This is why rapid detox should be supervised by experienced doctors.

Book an appointment with our doctors for your health.

This rapid detox needs 2 to 3 days for the treatment. Detox takes 2 hours, but it needs pre and post-treatment care. Patients are kept under observation by doctors. If you want to know the best treatment for your opioid addiction, you can contact Norton Health Care for your treatment. Our doctors have been handling many critical cases and they are offering the best solution for your health. Contact Norton Health Care. We have branches in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

In the rapid detox, patients are admitted one day before the treatment to understand the physical and psychological states. Doctors will get a better idea about the health of patients to determine the best plan for your health.

During the treatment, patients sleep because of the sedation process. FDA approved medications have been used to drain away opioids from the receptor sites as well as from the body. Patients will get complete freedom from opiate dependence. Since this process does not take a long time, one can avoid the withdrawal symptoms easily.

Contact Norton Health Care and start your addiction treatment. Our doctors are experienced ones. We are also open during the COVID-19.   

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