Methadone is a safe medicine for those who are having opioid addiction. It is approved many years ago and it has been in the treatment field before Buprenorphine. But doctors who prescribe methadone for the addiction treatment must inform patients about the strict use of the medicine. Any kind of wrong consumption will cost you a lot. Don’t try to take the medicine without any supervision of a doctor. You will get the best medical help from Norton Health Care. They have branches in Norton MA and Salem NH. Visit our clinic and get the most effective way of coming out of your addiction.

Studies have revealed that 20-50% of methadone users show alcohol abuse disorder symptoms. The data is shocking and this leads many health care organizations to adopt a comprehensive plan for the patients. Methadone is safe for your use, but it can be abused. When you take the medicines in the wrong way, you develop an addiction to methadone also. So, you need another treatment to cure the complications.

Norton Health Care will offer you comprehensive treatment for your substance abuse. Our experienced doctors know how to deal with the complications and how to calm your brain. Visit us and meet our doctor’s team. We have branches in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Since the data reveals that people sometimes misuse methadone and alcohol together, a comprehensive treatment is required that addresses some essential factors like relapse prevention, sobriety, and substance use counseling.

In our social life, casual drinking is a common thing. But, you have to keep yourself away from the alcohol when you are on the addiction treatment. If you are in the process of getting back to your normal life, you can avoid the places where there is an arrangement of drinking. Politely refuse the temptation and concentrate on your goals.

Our counselors will help you manage these tricky situations. We have some easy plans for you. Addiction treatment is difficult because it is a brain’s disease. Remember that when you use methadone and alcohol together, it imposes a dangerous risk on your health. It will also keep you away from achieving your goals.

Try to avoid mixing methadone and alcohol together. Contact Norton Health Care and we help you do so. Many health care organizations offer both in-patient and out-patient therapy choice for patients. We offer comprehensive health care plans for you. If you need any help, you can contact us. Book an appointment with our doctors for your addiction treatment. 

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