Methadone is an old medicine in opioid addiction treatment. Since it is an opioid, people experience many side effects. Among them, weight gaining is a common side effect. If you are gaining weight due to the methadone treatment, you can call your doctor and can get the solution for your addiction treatment. Norton Health Care is one of the trusted addiction treatment centers for your health. We have branches in Norton MA and Salem NH.

So, methadone can cause weight gain, but you should not be worried about it. There are some reasons for the methadone to cause weight gain during your addiction treatment. If you are not comfortable with the treatment, you can tell your doctor and can switch to suboxone for your addiction treatment. You need to remember that methadone does not cause weight gain always.

Contact Norton Health Care and consult with an experienced doctor for your addiction treatment. The suboxone doctors will help you find out the best solution for your health. Call a doctor and find the best solution for your health.

Methadone can cause weight gain because of some factors, including sugar cravings and situational changes.

Opioids affect the sugar processing factor in your system. Doctors, with the help of medicine, can bring changes to make your life better and you can manage your weight easily. You can contact the best doctors at Norton Health Care for your treatment. We help you with the best solutions for your health.

Sometimes, weight gain is also good for your health. Due to opioid addiction, you start losing weight. When you gain extra, it means that you are getting your nutrition back. But, you must consult a doctor for your addiction treatment. Tell your doctor about the changes you have been experiencing.

Norton Health Care is always with you. Our doctors always stay in touch with you, especially when you opt for out-patient treatment. We first find out the right dose for your health and then we prescribe the right plans for your health.

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Methadone slows your metabolism that causes water retention, resulting in weight gaining. The good thing is that you can maintain your weight. Choose foods rich in fiber. There a few things that you can do for managing your weight.

Drink plenty of water that drains your toxin out of your body. You must eat three full meals. Try to eat a balanced meal in a diet to avoid carbohydrate-rich foods.

You can also opt for the new exercise routine to keep your weight right. Find the best solution for your health. Contact Norton Health Care and consult with our doctors.

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Methadone is a very known drug for treating your opioid addiction. But when you are on this medication, you need to ensure that you are following your doctor’s prescription really well. Any wrong use of medicine can make your condition worse. It can increase your addiction and can put you in danger. Contact Norton Health Care and start your treatment. Methadone and alcohol proved to be a deadly combination. Don’t take these two substances together as they can cause severe health issues that can put you in comma or in different health problems. If you need any help from us, our suboxone doctors are always ready to assist you in your recovery. Contact us for more details. We have a branch in Norton MA and Salem NH. Book an appointment with our doctors.

Methadone is a prescription medication, but it is still considered a schedule II drug that means it can interact with the opioid receptor sites of the brain to reduce pain and withdrawal symptoms just like the other illegal opioids. Even if the medicine is medically given, taking alcohol along with medicine proves to be a deadly combination. The effects of these together can lower your breathing and can lower heart rate. The situation is like a drug overdose with the same symptoms.

So, never mix alcohol and methadone together. Both methadone and alcohol are the central nervous system depressant. Both have the ability to decrease the breathing and heart rate than the normal speed. This situation can cause even death.  The intoxication level is quick and dangerous when you combine these two substances together. They also increase the chance of injury and accidental death.

When you are taking these two together, you will experience symptoms like fainting, seizures, unconsciousness, dizziness, and vomiting. Contact us and get the best health care plans. Our Suboxone doctors in Massachusetts and New Hampshire will give you the best options for your health. We have been in the service and we have seen so many cases of addictions.

Methadone abuse can cause a separate addiction and you need treatments also. Comprehensive treatment is necessary to address the issue. When you are on the methadone treatment, you need to ensure that alcohol should not be there. It is particularly very difficult when you enter The methadone treatment. Socialization and alcohol are common bonds. But you are told to not take the drugs. Contact us to go through counseling for your treatment.

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When it comes to opioid addiction, two medication names have been mentioned by doctors – methadone and suboxone. Prescribed opioids are used for treating chronic pain. But, they are habit-forming and prolonged use of these drugs causes opioid addiction. These two medicines can be used for treating the addiction issue. When you get addicted to opioids, you need an experienced doctor for treating your addiction. The right dose and the right medication are needed to control the drug cravings and only experienced doctors can understand the demand. Norton Health Care is one of the best and most trusted rehab centers and it has been helping patients to know more about opioids and opioids addiction treatments. By serving many patients and helping them to live a new life, doctors’ team at Norton Health Care is acknowledged by their experienced and knowledge. This health care has branches in three prime locations – Norton MA, Salem, and Dover NH.

Methadone and suboxone have different usages. Methadone can be used for treating chronic pain, whereas suboxone can only be used for treating opioid addiction. There are many differences between these two medications also. Methadone is a generic medicine, but suboxone is the brand name that offers a combination of two generic medicines – buprenorphine and naloxone.

Methadone is a controlled schedule II substance, while suboxone is a schedule III controlled substance. A controlled substance is the drugs regulated by the government. When your doctor prescribes you a controlled substance, he/she also keeps you under a restriction of using the drug. Your medication is also supervised completely. They also have the risk of withdrawal and you need to talk to your doctors when to stop the medicines. Only doctors can suggest the right way to taper the withdrawal symptoms of these medicines.

One more warning doctors provide to patients when using the drug is to never take the dose of these medicines more than the prescribed medicines. Both of these drugs are highly potential for abuse.

Methadone comes in various forms –oral tablet, oral solution, oral concentrate, injectable solution, orally dispersible tablet. Suboxone comes as an oral film that can be taken as sublingual by placing the film under your tongue. The film can be placed between cheek and gums to dissolve as buccal.

Norton Health Care is offering the right help to patients. They decide whether you need a methadone treatment or suboxone treatment. For more details, visit our clinic. We have branches in Norton MA, Salem NH and Dover NH. Those who are living in areas like Manchester and Lawrence, Brockton, Taunton, Attleboro, and Rochester can also access our health clinic easily. 

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