Suboxone is an important drug for your opioid addiction treatment. Every doctor relies on it because it plays a very essential role in the detoxification phase. It is one of the difficult phases in opioid addiction treatments. Patients stop taking the drugs and they enter into the treatment phase. Since the body does not get opioids, it releases withdrawal symptoms. Here, suboxone helps patients stay calm during the withdrawal. While you take suboxone, you cannot take other medicines or drugs. Doctors at Norton Health Care are explaining the reason here.

Suboxone interacts with other drugs can make the situation worse. So, if you are on other drugs, even the herbal medicines, you must consult with your doctors and disclose your medical history to him/her. Suboxone doctors at Norton Health Care explain things in a detailed way. We will discuss how suboxone interacts with others and how deadly the situation can be.

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Medicine Interacts With Suboxone:

Benzodiazepines and suboxone:

When you misuse or abuse the combination, it can cause severe health issues, including coma and death. The data has proved that. Buprenorphine can be misused by injecting medicine. The combination of Benzodiazepines and suboxone changes the ceiling effect of buprenorphine and it more works as full opioid agonists.

People who take Benzodiazepines are warned again the combination with the suboxone. Do not self-medicate and take suboxone from the authorized persons only.

Suboxone with non-Benzodiazepines Central Nervous System (CNS) Depressants:

These drugs or substances have an addictive pharmacologic effect and this is why when you take suboxone and these drugs together, it causes respiratory depressions, profound sedation, hypotension, coma, and death.

Follow your doctor’s prescription and find the best treatment for your health. Disclose your health issues with your doctor. If you have an opioid addiction and want to get rid of it, contact Norton Health Care for your treatment. It is one of the best options for your health.

Suboxone and CYPA4:

The combination increases the plasma concentration of Buprenorphine that increases an increased time of opioid effects.

So these are some of the details about suboxone and the other medicine. Norton Health Care always asks patients about the past medical history and our doctors also ask for previous addiction histories.

Opioid addiction has been termed as an epidemic. Every citizen should participate in the drug eradication campaigns to offer a safe life to people. Drug disposal is an important factor to discuss. If you need help with your opioid addiction treatment, you no need to visit here and there for this. We understand that the treatment needed for opioid addiction is painful. Moreover, it is attached with stigma. If you have an addiction and you want to get rid of it, you need a doctor for your help. Withdrawal symptoms are very complicated and you need the right treatment to overcome the symptoms and cooperate with the treatment. Norton Health Care will help you rightly. We have branches in Norton MA and Salem NH.

Drug disposal is essential, particularly when it is about opioid addictions. Many studies reveal that teens get addicted to opioids because they illegally get unused medicines from their friends and family members. This starts addiction in them and they soon shift their attention to illegal drugs like heroin. So you must know the proper way of disposing of the medicine. Here, we are talking about the drug disposal methods that will help you.

You may hear the medicine take-back option. It is the safest choice to get rid of the medicine without harming society. You can submit your expired or unneeded medicine to the drug take-back centers. Added to this, there are a few selective medicines that come up with specific information for disposing of. If the drug take-back center is not available near you, flush the medicine down the toilet.

There are two types of take-back options available in the market:

  1. Permanent collection locations and sites: you can search the location by Google map or by DEA.
  2. Periodic events

Before disposing of the medicines, you need to delete all personal details from the medicines and the prescription. Remove all the information from the label packaging of the medicines. All these medicines are destroyed. If you want to donate your medicine, some authorized sites provide you the right option.

Some locations are registered with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) for collecting old, unused medicines. They safely and securely dispose of the medicines including controlled substances and other drugs.

These authorized drugs take-back locations can be retail pharmacies, your hospitals or clinics, law enforcement agencies, and more. Get the complete details about the location and then make a decision. You can also use Google Maps for locating a center near you. Check the authorized drug collecting center.

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