Christmas is the celebration of happiness; we spread love and smiles with our closed ones. But, how can you be happy if your closed one is suffering from opioid addiction? People are becoming aware that opioid addiction causes severe health issues and overdosing of the drug can even cause death. So, on this Christmas, help others to get rid of opioid addictions and inspire people not to take the drugs to feel artificial pleasure. Norton Health Care is wishing everyone – a very happy Christmas and is requesting people to stay away from the drug addictions. if you need any help, Call (508)285-8550 to book an appointment.

Opioid addiction is a brain disease where the natural function of generating pleasure gets disturbed by taking opioids. People get dependent on the drugs for creating the same feelings over and over. This causes the drug tolerance. The situation forces people to take a higher dose of opioids which is dangerous to every health.

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Norton Health Care is one of the best opioid addiction rehab centers and is having branches in three best locations – Norton MA, Salem NH, and Dover NH. We tried to help more and more people so that everyone can access addiction treatment conveniently. Apart from three locations, our health care center is also accessible from places like Manchester and Lawrence, Brockton, Taunton, Attleboro, and Rochester. Our doctors are also helping people to know how to avoid opioid addiction to live a happy life. Find our opioid addiction treatment center near you.

Everyone should take responsibility for treating opioid addiction issues. The death due to the addiction grows higher every day. Even after so many initiatives have taken to make people aware of the opioid addiction adverse effects, there is still a long way to go. You as a citizen must contribute to the opioid addiction reduction drive. Say no to opioids and help your friends not to take opioids. Since prescription opioids also cause addiction, the provider must come up with the guidelines that can reduce the addiction cases.

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Norton Health Care is one of the renowned and trusted names for opioid addiction treatment and we are offering effective MAT treatment and to let people get back their normal life. MAT treatment includes both medications and behavioral therapy and these two things are important for opioid addiction treatments. Our doctors also spread knowledge on how to help opioid addicts so that they can pass every phase less painfully.

We think opioid prescribers can play a key role in reducing addiction cases. If you are also an eligible provider, you need to follow these:

  • Prescribe the medication in the lowest effective dose
  • Providers should not prescribe a greater amount of drug than needed. They must offer medicines for the expected duration only.
  • Non-opioid medicines and alternative options must be chosen by treating acute pain
  • Try not to prescribe long-acting or extended-release opioids

Let’s work together for making our society opioid addiction free. Everyone has a role in it. Celebrate Christmas with your near and dear ones and help people with addicts by offering the right information for opioid addiction treatment. For any information, we love to help you. Book an appointment with our doctors

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