Opioid addiction treatment always needs a doctor for making the right decision. Medicine administration is taken care of by doctors so that patients cannot abuse opioids. If you have developed an addiction and you cannot get free from the chain of addiction, contact Norton Health Care and start your addiction treatment. Opioid medicines are harmful if you decide to take the medicines. You cannot get the medicines from the clinics without prescription, although. Contact Norton Health Care and start your addiction treatment. Don’t take medicine alone, and let us help you. Contact Norton Health Care for your addiction treatments.

We have branches in Norton MA and Salem NH. We are available in the Covid-19 pandemic also. Contact Norton Health Care and our doctors will help you manage your addiction and will gradually lead you to the addiction-free life. You can book an appointment with doctors.

Our doctors will initiate the treatment with the supervised administration of the medicines. Since patients are new in the treatment, they need time to adjust to the changes in their bodies. Besides, there is also a high chance to get back to the addiction due to being unable to control the medicines. So, you need to take medicines in the presence of doctors.

Suboxone is also the medicine widely used for opioid addiction treatment. The medicine contains partial opioid agonists and people can abuse the medicine also. So, initially, doctors will monitor the administration to keep patients safe. If you need any help for your addiction treatment, contact Norton Health Care, and get the best doctor for your treatment.

If patients reach a stable position, a doctor can decide whether patients will send to the unsupervised administration or not. Before this, a doctor will check patients’ stability and their security at home for prescribing the medicine.

Clinic visit is a must for patients and they have to meet our doctors at a reasonable interval. The frequency of checkups depends on patients’ health conditions and their recovery. If patients can manage their pain, then once in a month visit will be enough for patients.

Doctors will check the quantity of the medicines and they prescribe the quantity that is required for the next patients’ visit only. If a patient achieves a stable condition, doctors can reduce the follow-up visits. To get more details about the clinical supervision of opioid medicine, contact Norton Health Care. We have branches in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

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