Opioid Medicine Disposing Instruction

Opioid Medicine Disposing Instruction

The research shows that unused medicines are abused by people. Teenagers take these unused medicines and misuse them for generating highs. Gradually they get addicted to the drugs and they need them for their survival. Otherwise, withdrawal symptoms will make living hard. You need a doctor for this treatment. Support of an experienced doctor will motivate you on this journey. Contact Norton Health Care or visit our branch in Norton MA, and Salem NH.

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Your unused medicines can be stolen by your family member without your knowledge. So, never store these medicines and learn the proper way of destroying these medicines. You can also follow the FDA guidelines for disposing of these medicines.

The best way for destroying these medicines is to drop these medicines off in the drug take-back sites, locations, or programs.

If you don’t have this drug take-back location or sites near you, there are other ways that can do for the safe disposal of your unused medicines.

If your medicine comes in the FDA flush list, then flush these medicines down the toilet immediately. If the medicine does not come under the flush list, you must follow the instruction to discard the medicine in your home trash.

Remember that addiction is harmful and opioids are highly addictive. Don’t use the medicine for a long time. If you have an addiction issue, you can visit our branches in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Everything related to opioids should be taken care of. When it comes to the disposing of the medicine in your home trash, here are some instructions that you can follow.

If you don’t have the drug take-back sites near you and if you don’t find any guidelines of the medicine disposal on the label, you can follow these instructions for you.

  1.  Mix the drug pills (don’t crush the pills) with unappealing materials like dirt, cat litter.
  2. Place the mixture in a container or in a plastic bags.
  3. Throw the container at your home trash
  4. Delete all your personal information from the bottle or packaging. Then, you can trash or recycle the bottle.

Never store unused or expire medicine and always find the right ways to dispose of these drugs. For addiction related treatments, contact Norton Health Care and consult with our doctors. Visit our branches in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

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