Opioid Dependence, Tolerance, And Addiction

Opioid Dependence, Tolerance, And Addiction

Using opioids is harmful to everyone’s health. Many terms are associated with the use of opioids, such as dependence, addiction, and tolerance. Norton Health Care is one of the rehab centers where doctors are offering opioid addiction treatment to patients. Our doctors are also helping patients to understand what addiction is. They are trying to define each term that patient experiences during their recovery. We understand you are looking for the right guidance for stopping your addiction. Here, we come up with the easy and informative details for you. Visit our branches in Norton MA, Salem NH, and Dover NH. We come up with the best possible way for your addiction treatments.

What is opioid addiction?

When you take opioids, it produces artificial endorphins responsible for blocking pain in your body. Endorphin also makes you feel good. When you are on the opioids for a long time or you are taking the drugs in a higher amount, your brain depends on the artificial endorphin that disturbs the natural production power. The longer you take the medicines, the poorer your condition will be.

What is drug tolerance?

Tolerance happens when your body gets used to the drug for taking the medicine longer period. You need a higher dose of the drug to achieve the same feelings. When you stop taking the drugs, your tolerance level will decrease. If you need to begin your drug, don’t take the higher dose because it will be too high for your body. After stopping the medicine if you begin the drug, you must consult with an expert doctor doe this.

Norton Health Care is always offering the best treatment to patients. We first take care of your health and try to get the details about your addiction level and health history. After a few physical tests and complete information about your health, we are suggesting you treatments for opioid addictions. Visit our branches for the treatment. You can call us to book an appointment with our suboxone doctors.

What is drug dependence?

In the drug dependence, your body experiences some changes due to taking the drugs. If you stop taking the drug, you can find the withdrawal symptoms, including sweating, nausea, vomiting, chills, diarrhea, and more.

Drug tolerance and dependence are caused by taking opioids for a long period whereas addiction is not normal. It is a disease; and in the situation, neither your body nor your mind function properly without the use of drugs.

You need a doctor for treating your opioid addiction. Norton Health Care can help you treat your addiction. You can call us and start your treatments. Visit our branches in Norton MA, Salem NH, and Dover NH.

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