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Opioid Withdrawal Treatment Center in Norton MA, Dover & Salem NH

Norton Health Care specializes in Buprenorphine, Suboxone and Subutex taper to treat and help with Opiate withdrawal. Call (508) 285-8550 to schedule an appointment.

Opioid Withdrawal Treatment Center in Norton MA, Dover & Salem NH

At Norton Health Care, holistic treatment is provided to patients suffering from Opioid addiction with the means of Buprenorphine, Suboxone, and Subutex. These prescribed medicines help you fight your addiction and its dangers efficiently.

Our different styles approach to your treatment depends upon the level of your addiction. We believe there is no shame or embarrassment in seeking help and we appreciate your effort to make your life healthy and normal once again.

The medicines we prescribe vary in dozes and patterns and help you get rid of your dependency and addiction. Once the treatment is successfully completed, Norton Health Care helps you get off the prescribed medicines eventually and gradually. The whole process is executed with the utmost care and precision keeping in mind the patients’ specific needs, background, medical history, and requirment.

Get in touch with us today for the best Opioid Treatment!