Break The Misconception About Maintenance Therapy

Break The Misconception About Maintenance Therapy

Opioid maintenance therapy has misconceptions that can stop many people from getting the right treatment for their addiction. Don’t consult with a person who holds no knowledge regarding the treatment. Consult with doctors always who give you the right plans for your health. Norton Health Care can save your life by offering addiction treatment. It is tough to come out of the addiction alone. But, with us, the journey will be far easier. Visit New Hampshire or Massachusetts since we have branches there.

Here, we disclose the truth and eliminate the misconceptions associated with the maintenance treatment. Read the content carefully and break all myths that stop you from getting addiction treatment.

Medication-assisted treatment or MAT is a very popular form of addiction therapy. Here, medicines and therapies together heal a patient’s drug craving. Our Suboxone doctors assess your health problems and help you recover from the condition very well.

MAT Is Short Term:

MAT treatment has been in opioid addiction therapy since the 70s. Many people get relief from the addiction with the help of MAT treatment. Depending on the patient’s need, the dose and duration of the therapy will be decided. Doctors will decide the treatment according to the severity of patients’ addiction. The medicines used in the treatment help people to suppress their withdrawal symptoms. The duration of the treatment can be for a week, a month, and even for a year until patients will learn how to manage their drug cravings.

It is just a replacement therapy:

The medicines used in the treatment also contain opioids in their chemical makeup. They come in different forms of opioids, such as partial opioid agonists, opioid agonists, and opioid antagonists and they take care of the receptor sites of the brain that are controlled by the illegal opioid substance of your addiction. The data has proven that medically supervised medicines can reduce the chance of relapse as well as the misuse of the drugs. They boost the recovery. If you need help from opioid addiction, you can contact doctors at Norton Health Care. Our doctors are experienced to provide the right support for your health. You can visit Norton MA and Salem NH.

MAT is not effective:

MAT is a widely used plan for opioid addiction. Doctors recommend the treatment for addiction treatment. There are reasons behind this. Methadone was the only medicine until the year 2002. Then, buprenorphine was made available to doctors for the addiction treatment and the medicines earned huge attention from people. The success rate of medicine is also very high.

So, clear your all doubts regarding the MAT treatment. Consult with our doctors and find out the right options for your health. our suboxone doctors also accept insurance to cut down your maintenance cost.

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