Are You Misusing Pain Medicines?

Are You Misusing Pain Medicines?

Many people are suffering from pain and they are taking prescription medicines to get relief from the unbearable pain. If they follow their doctors, this will not make them addicted. But, when they start misusing these medicines, this will cause problems. They gradually become addicted to the medicines and they need doctors to help them get rid of this addiction. Contact Norton Health Care and visit their branches in Norton MA and Salem NH.

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Prescription pain killers contain opioids and they are highly addictive. Here, we are talking about some symptoms that tell you –you are misusing prescription pain killers.

1. You think about the medicines often

It is one of the first signs of your misuse of medicines. You may think about the next dose and enough supply. Consult with our experienced doctors and start your treatment. The earlier you start, the easier it will be get rid of.

2. You take more drugs than your doctor prescribe:

You will start taking a higher dose than, your doctor prescribed you. It tells you that you are taking medicines.

3. You are visiting doctors to get the same prescription:

It is an alarming sign if you are doing this. If you are visiting doctors for collecting the same medicines, it means you are misusing the drugs.

4. You try to collect medicines from various sources:

You are trying to collect medicines to enhance your supply. You are finding new sources such as online medicine, stealing drugs from sick people, use other’s prescriptions, and so.

5. You are taking prescription medicines for a while:

Even if your pain gets cured, you still take the drugs to have the same feeling. This is a sign of misusing the drugs.

6. You feel made when someone asks you about it:

You get very angry when someone talks about it with you.

7. You are not like before:

Addiction will change everything in you. You will be less careful about your personal hygiene. You will lose interest in your favorite activities.

These are signs of your addiction from prescription pain killers. Contact Norton Health Care and start your recovery therapy. Don’t feel alone because many people are going through the same problem and many more have won over the addiction. We have branches in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

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