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Confidential, Dignity, Understanding, Affordable,

Norton Healthcare has been providing Office-based Opioid Treatment in a dignified, respectful environment for over 3000 patients since 2003.

Our mission has been to help as many individuals as possible who are motivated to take action and better their lives while engaging with safe, responsible prescribing practices. With the involvement of families and other supports, referrals to outpatient therapists, testing for medical problems, and regular check-in/follow up, Norton Healthcare provides a collaborative and comprehensive model of healthcare.

The primary treatment modality for Opiate Dependence is Buprenorphine* an Opioid receptor partial agonist/antagonist which reduces cravings and maintains sobriety. Initiation of therapy involves induction which can be done in the office or at home with instruction from the prescribing clinician. Subsequent maintenance therapy is done in the outpatient setting and patients are typically seen monthly for follow up. While tapering of medication is a prominent goal, treatment can continue for varying lengths of time with the acknowledgement individuals may benefit from longer term maintenance in much the same way medical illnesses are treated.

Additionally, although buprenorphine is an opiate class medication, a central belief at Norton Healthcare is the risk-benefit analysis repeatedly supports treatment and harm reduction. By removing treatment barriers such as stigma, fear, shame and anxiety and fostering an environment of trust, support, individuality and accountability, Norton Healthcare continues to excel in leading the mission of treatment, recovery and wellness in the field of Addiction Medicine.

Our Founder and Medical Director

Aafaque Akhter, MD

Dr. A. Akhter, the founder of Norton Health Care, is one of the few physicians who began prescribing Suboxone at the time of its approval as a drug dependency treatment modality. Dr. Akhter received his formal training in one of the GME programs of Harvard Medical School. He believes passionately in the effectiveness of this treatment, having been exposed to its clinical value while practicing in India. Suboxone treatment is his exclusive area of clinical practice. He also shares his clinical expertise by instructing more than 3000 physician’s a year.

Dr. Akhter finished his medical school in India before traveling to England and Ireland. He received a diploma in Psychological Medicine in Ireland and is a Member of Royal College of England. After pursuing further training at Harvard Medical School, he fell in love with the south shore area. Dr. Akhter believes that helping people gain freedom from Heroin, pain medicine and Methadone dependency is noble work. He also passionately believes that people with addiction issues should be treated with the respect and confidentiality they deserve.

Why Norton Health Care?


Appointments are one-on-one and your information is always confidential.


Our warm staff will always greet you and treat you with the utmost respect.


Our doctors specialize in medical and therapeutic treatment of opiate addiction


Since 2003 we have helped thousands on their path to recovery.


We are open 7 days a week with 3 locations: 
Norton MA and Salem NH


Our beautiful, welcoming offices provide a safe, private, comfortable environment for your care

Complete Care

We provide a broad range of treatments and services to assist in your recovery

Proven Results

Our success rates are unparalleled. See our Statistical Data and real Success Stories

Comprehensive Care

From your first call to our office and throughout your recovery, we are here to support you. Recovering from opiate addiction requires complete care and a personalized plan for transforming your life. At Norton Health Care, we take a holistic approach to opiate addiction treatment and offer a variety of services.

On your first visit, one of our experienced doctors specializing in addiction treatment will do a full medical assessment and get to know you and your situation. They will help you create an individualized treatment plan including medication, therapy, support, and life goals to guide to real and lasting recovery.

Norton Health Care is a licensed OBOT (Office-based Opioid Treatment) Center providing medication-based solutions for the treatment of heroin and pain medication addiction. We may prescribe Suboxone, Subutex, or Buprenorphine or other medications depending on your needs. The goal is to taper these medications over time, but we do not put a time limit on treatment.

At Norton Health Care, we understand that there are many factors that can contribute to addiction including life circumstances, events, or medical or mental health conditions. Our on-site Psychiatrists and Psychotherapists are available as-needed or by appointment to work with patients on a one-on-one basis. Our trained, para-professionals are also available over the phone to provide support and guidance.

Recovery often involves loved ones. Families may be devastated by addiction and family support is often vital to recovery. With patient consent, one of our addiction specialists can reach out to family members to assist them in understanding the nature of addiction and encourage their support their loved one in recovery.

Norton Health Care offers a unique service in which our physicians, therapists, and staff support patients who are currently taking Methadone enter into a Suboxone Recovery Plan

Every patient has unique needs and goals. We offer personalized Suboxone tapering plans to help patients gradually overcome their dependence on opioids.

We provide a number of additional medical services to patients in our offices including:

  • Complete Physical Examinations
  • Suboxone® and Vivitrol Injections
  • Infectious Disease Screenings
  • Treatment of Minor Medical Issues
  • Hormonal Assessments
  • Weight Loss Clinic

Am I Addicted?


Physical symptoms

Include the need for increasing amounts of the drug, withdrawal, cravings, and sleep disturbance.

Psychological symptoms

Include a reliance on narcotics to cope with everyday problems. The inability to feel good or celebrate without using narcotics is another sign of addiction.

Social symptoms

include less frequent contact with important people in your life, and absence from or neglect of important life issues and events. In some cases, there may be criminal and legal implications.

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