The opioid Overdose crisis is one of the concerning factors to every nation. Health care organizations are holding campaigns to make people aware of opioid addictions and the danger it imposes on our society. If you know someone who is suffering from opioid addiction, you must try to convince him/her about the treatment. Contact Norton Health Care and our experienced doctors will make the treatment easier. Take the first step to us and you will get a friendly doctor by your side. The opioid overdose crisis is one of the unavoidable factors and we must concentrate on this. If you need any help, contact Norton Health Care. We are located in Norton MA and Salem NH.

In 2018, data shows that nearly 128 people died of opioid addiction in the United States. The misuse of prescription pain killers as well as illegal drugs is increasing every day. The impact comes on the social and economical parts of a nation. It is a national crisis and no one will offer solutions until the citizen of the nation actively participate in avoiding opioid use.

The research shows that the economic burden of misusing prescription opioids alone is alarming because it is attached to some common factors including an increased cost of health care, lost productivity, an increased rate of criminal cases, and more. So, we all have to join hands to make society addiction-free. Norton Health Care is serving patients to reduce drug cravings with MAT treatments. If you want to consult with our doctors, contact Norton Health care, and start your treatment.

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How it is started?

The consequence of opioid overdose is dangerous and deadly. It is all started in the late 1990s. At that time, pharmaceutical companies told medical practitioners that opioid medicines would not make patients addicted to the drugs and they could prescribe for pain management and treating other health issues. Medical professionals were also prescribing opioids huge and people started misusing them to get highs and to fulfill the cravings.  Every year, many people have died of opioid use. It has become a national crisis and the situation should be handled with strict hands.

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Many studies have been conducted on the opioid use disorder, and they have shown us that around 21 to 29 % of patients, who are given prescription opioids, misuse the drugs. Of them, 8-12% of patients developed opioid use disorder. So, the condition is getting worse every day.

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Suboxone is a very popular medicine for opioid addiction treatment. The success of the medicine is that it keeps patients in the treatment while lowering the cravings and withdrawal symptoms. It also gradually restores the reward system of the brain responsible for producing happiness and pleasure without causing any high. But opioid addiction treatment includes so many obstacles and myths are always there with the treatment. People have so many misconceptions about suboxone. Norton Health Care is trying to clear the myths regarding suboxone medicine for opioid addiction treatment. Norton Health Care has branches in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. You will get an experienced name for your addiction treatment.

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The government and the health care organizations are working together to increase the availability of suboxone so that patients can easily manage their health issues and they can stay on the recovery treatment very well. But the obstacles are the myths that stop people from getting the right medical help for their substance abuse disorder. Contact any experienced suboxone doctor and he/she will provide you with the right information for your health. We aim to make you more aware of addiction treatment and suboxone drugs. We are clearing the myths attached to suboxone for your health.

Myth 1:

You Are Not In Recovery If You Are On Suboxone

Fact: Suboxone may not provide you complete relief from your addiction, but it brings the situation under your control. You can manage your addiction and can reduce drug cravings. Addiction is a brain’s disease and a gradual change is always expected in the therapy. With the medication, one needs counseling and behavioral therapies. You can contact Norton Health Care for comprehensive treatment. We have branches in Norton MA and Salem NH. We continue to help our patients even in this COVID-19 outbreak.

Myth 2:

Suboxone Is Frequently Abused

Fact: Suboxone contains Buprenorphine and Naloxone. Buprenorphine is a partial opioid agonist. It is addictive like other opiates but it is not as intense as full opioid agonists like heroin. It helps you control your cravings and withdrawal symptoms. If you try to abuse the medicine, naloxone presented in it releases strong withdrawal symptoms to avert the situation.

Myth 3:

Suboxone Should Be Taken For A Short Period

Fact: Doctors have different views of the duration of the suboxone treatment. But, no one shows documents for the short term period use of suboxone.

So, these are the myths regarding suboxone. If you need treatment for your opioid addiction, call us. Norton Health Care is an experienced name for your addiction treatment. Visit our branches to consult with our doctors.

Obstacles are there in every good thing. In the addiction treatment also, you will find so many hindrances that stop you from getting the treatment. But you need a doctor’s help when you are addicted to opioids. When you stop taking the drugs to come out from the cravings, you will experience strong withdrawal symptoms that are very hard to ignore. You can get a doctor for your treatment and maintain your withdrawal phase. No matter how big the obstacles are, you need to find an escape way to get the best treatment. You can visit Norton Health Care in Norton MA and Salem NH. We have friendly and experienced suboxone doctors for your treatment. We also promise you that we keep the treatment confidential. Share everything with your doctors related to your addiction. It helps us a lot to plan a clearer treatment for your health.

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Anything that decreases the access of therapy to patients and providers is an obstacle for your treatment.

Opioid use has indeed been restricted by the authority. People are becoming aware of the REMS (Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy) programs where the proper use of opioids has been instructed. Many doctors prescribe opioids for pain management without thinking of the addiction. REMS programs are for lowering the use of opioids and they are preserved for the chronic cases only where no other treatment proves to be effective. With the help of physician education and the more research work on the field, the right application of opioids can be established. Contact Norton Health Care and know more about the opioids. If you are looking for pain management, you can find the other options for your health because opioids can cause harm rather than any good.

State regulation also includes opioid prescription monitoring programs. Here, the prescription monitoring issue improves addiction treatment. These programs talk about legitimate medical practices regarding addiction treatment. Physicians feel more restricted now for offering opioids for pain management. Physicians are also asked to maintain the standard of the opioid prescribing mentioned in the guidelines.

Doctors sometimes distrust patients for treating their pain management, especially when they have an addiction issue. This can be a barrier to your opioid addiction treatments. If the right medicine is not given to patients, the result will be very dangerous because they will experience withdrawal symptoms that can also be deadly.

Physicians must trust patients and they also cooperate with doctors. If this bonding does not strong, the consequences can be huge and it directly affects the patients’ condition by increasing the chances of relapses, unattended withdrawal symptoms, and more. Establish a therapeutic relationship with the doctors and patients’ family members. You must consult an experienced suboxone doctor for your health.

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Methadone is a very known drug for treating your opioid addiction. But when you are on this medication, you need to ensure that you are following your doctor’s prescription really well. Any wrong use of medicine can make your condition worse. It can increase your addiction and can put you in danger. Contact Norton Health Care and start your treatment. Methadone and alcohol proved to be a deadly combination. Don’t take these two substances together as they can cause severe health issues that can put you in comma or in different health problems. If you need any help from us, our suboxone doctors are always ready to assist you in your recovery. Contact us for more details. We have a branch in Norton MA and Salem NH. Book an appointment with our doctors.

Methadone is a prescription medication, but it is still considered a schedule II drug that means it can interact with the opioid receptor sites of the brain to reduce pain and withdrawal symptoms just like the other illegal opioids. Even if the medicine is medically given, taking alcohol along with medicine proves to be a deadly combination. The effects of these together can lower your breathing and can lower heart rate. The situation is like a drug overdose with the same symptoms.

So, never mix alcohol and methadone together. Both methadone and alcohol are the central nervous system depressant. Both have the ability to decrease the breathing and heart rate than the normal speed. This situation can cause even death.  The intoxication level is quick and dangerous when you combine these two substances together. They also increase the chance of injury and accidental death.

When you are taking these two together, you will experience symptoms like fainting, seizures, unconsciousness, dizziness, and vomiting. Contact us and get the best health care plans. Our Suboxone doctors in Massachusetts and New Hampshire will give you the best options for your health. We have been in the service and we have seen so many cases of addictions.

Methadone abuse can cause a separate addiction and you need treatments also. Comprehensive treatment is necessary to address the issue. When you are on the methadone treatment, you need to ensure that alcohol should not be there. It is particularly very difficult when you enter The methadone treatment. Socialization and alcohol are common bonds. But you are told to not take the drugs. Contact us to go through counseling for your treatment.

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Opioids come first when health centers are trying to consider the facts that deteriorated the health of people. Opioid addiction is an epidemic and it needs to be addressed well and comprehensively. Norton Health Care is offering addiction treatments to patients and we have branches in two different places in Norton MA and Salem NH to enhance the accessibility of opioid addiction treatment. You will get the best suboxone doctors for your health. Our doctors are educating people by sharing their knowledge through various campaigns. It is important to clear things about opioids. You must have cleared detail that improves the use of opioids to avoid addiction cases. Visit our branches to book an appointment with our doctors.

Natural opiates are derived from the poppy plant that contains opium. Opium creates two different types of drugs – morphine and codeine. These two are considered opiates.

People alter the substances of opiates to form semi-synthetic opioids. From morphine, you will get drugs like heroin, oxymorphone, and hydromorphone. From codeine, you will get drugs like oxycodone and hydrocodone.

Scientists have also altered the substances of these opioid to make a more potent drug that is fully synthetic and they are fentanyl and carfentanil.

Opioid is a term that can be used for both natural and synthetic substances. Medicines used for curbing withdrawal symptoms are opioids themselves and they are methadone and buprenorphine.

Suboxone is also a popular drug that contains naloxone and buprenorphine. Naloxone is an opioid blocker and it has been used in the emergency purpose for reversing the drug overdose.

Naloxone and naltrexone are both opioid antagonist but they are different when it comes to treating addictions. Naloxone is a fast-acting drug and is prescribed in the emergency cases only whereas naltrexone is a long-acting drug and it is given for treating opioid addiction.

Opioid addiction took many lives in the past and is still putting many lives in danger. Addiction occurs when people cannot stop taking the drugs even they know that drugs harm their physical and psychological health.

You can contact Norton Health Care and consult with our suboxone doctors. We have branches in Norton MA and Salem NH. Our doctors are assessing your health issues and will come up with a better health option for you. Contact us and start your treatment. We are with you in the treatment.

It is true that addiction is hard to overcome. But, if you think the positive aspects of your recovery, you can pass the tough phase easily and we are with you for your treatments. We come up with the best solutions that meet your requirement. We know that your case is different from others and our treatment process is planned as your health needs. Norton Health Care is making treatment plans accessible to everyone. We have branches in Norton MA and Salem NH. You can contact any of our branches and start your treatment. Our suboxone doctors are constantly trying to invent new things in the treatment so that the recovery process will be faster. We are gathering information about opioid addiction treatments so that we can come up with a better option for your health.

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We are trying to focus on some important things regarding opioid addiction to decrease addiction cases. Much has been said and done to make the society addiction free and we are trying to figure out those details to conclude problem-solving approaches.

Everyone is concerned about opioid addiction, from the government to the judiciary department. We all know about the opioid addiction recovery process in jails. It is important for people. It encourages inmates to opt for recovery treatment after they complete their jail terms. So, this encourages addiction recovery among people. Health activities must come forward to arrange campaigns for addiction treatment so that more and more people are aware of the facts of addictions.

These campaigns are made for making people aware of the addiction and how it affects their life. The campaigns also bring some essential issues to the attention of people. They talk about how people can identify that their loved ones are suffering from addiction and how they can help them.

Treatments should be increased in numbers that enhance accessibility. Contact Norton Health Care in Norton MA and Salem NH and start your addiction treatment. We are offering the right options for your health. We are also opening our other branches soon so that people can get an addiction rehab center near them.

Addiction should be incorporated more intensely in the judiciary process and the criminal systems. This guides people to use addiction recovery treatment in the long run. Norton Health Care is trying to help patients with the best approaches. If you need any help, contact us.

A global standard is required in the addiction treatment. Every department should come forward to establish the factors. We all come together to fight against addiction.

In the addiction treatment, outreach tools must be added to help patients get the treatment remotely with the help of telemedicine and telehealth. This helps patients get treatment whenever they need it.

Norton Health Care is offering opioid addiction treatments with the best approaches. Contact our doctors and find out the best recovery plans. We are always available for your help. Visit our branches in Norton MA and Salem NH.

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Opioid use increases crime rates. The reason is obvious. People need money to collect the drugs of abuse and they sometimes steal the money or get linked to illegal activities. The rate of incarceration among heroin users is high. So, jail authorities need to organize the treatment for option addiction to avoid severe health issues of prisoners. They come up with opioid addiction treatments so that patients can find relief from addiction in jails and they can stay away from the addiction even after their jail term. If you want to make your future protected from the adverse effects of addiction, you can contact Norton Health Care and address your addiction issues to our health partners. We have a team of experienced doctors who will treat your health complications smartly.

Opioid addiction treatment is indeed needed in jails. When patients do not take the drugs to abuse, they will experience strong withdrawal symptoms. Jail authorities are working with many health care agencies that arrange opioid addiction treatment in jails.

If you also experience withdrawal symptoms, contact Norton Health Care. We have branches in Norton MA and Salem NH. We have the best team for your treatment. Treat your addiction

The benefits of addiction treatment in jails:

The benefits of opioid addiction treatments in jails are many. We are presenting some of them are:

The treatment engagement will increase:

Those who receive treatment in jail will also join community treatment programs after they get released from jails. This increases the engagement of treatments. This overall improves the treatment condition.

Lower risk of relapse:

The chances of relapse will go down because inmates will get addiction treatments including medicines and therapies. So, they can stay away from opioid addiction.

The reduce of opioid overdose:

The overdose-related health complications are very common to those who are suffering opioid additions. But if inmates get addiction treatments, they can also reduce the chance of overdose.

If you are suffering from addiction. Norton Health Care will be helpful. Contact our doctors and start your treatment. We will be with you in the complete process. You can access to our treatment anytime you want.

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Yes, opioid withdrawal can be life-threatening and it has to be treated well by medical professionals or trained persons in the field. Many people believe that opioid withdrawal cannot take lives. They are unpleasant, but they are not deadly. This theory has been proven wrong. In jails, people are suffering from withdrawal symptoms and the conditions sometimes become very tough to handle. Though jail authorities have been trained in the field to handle such situations carefully, the situation is more serious than the authorities have ever expected. The piece of information is crafted for giving you the right knowledge. So, if you ever experience withdrawal, never think that it is not severe. You must contact Norton Health Care and start your treatment. We have experienced doctors who will tell you how to avoid serious health issues that can even take your life. If you need any consultation, you can contact us. We have branches in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Patients addicted to heroin will experience severe withdrawal symptoms and they will get sick in the process. The fact is no denying. Dehydration is really a serious factor caused by vomiting and dehydration that are the symptoms of opioid withdrawal. If it remains untreated, the chances of death can be high. Besides this, some people also get hyperdynamic that include conditions like tachycardia and fever. Withdrawal is a serious physiological stressor.

We are also accepting that when people are strong and young, they can overcome the phase of withdrawal. But not many cases have strong patients. People are weak and old also in addiction. Then, withdrawal symptoms are tougher in this case and the chance of death cannot be overlooked based on the literature.

Nowadays, people in their 60s and 50s also get addicted to opioids. Even the young people are not healthy and withdrawal proves to be fatal for them. So, withdrawals are dangerous and you need better treatment for protecting your health.

Even unhealthy young people suffer a lot from addiction. Call Norton Health Care and book your appointment. We are offering the best options for your health. Thinking withdrawal a mare case can be wrong. If you want to quit opioids, a doctor can give you the right way to achieve your goal. In cases where doctors are not involved, patients are going to experience a tough phase. Sometimes, the situation is even tougher to bear and patients start taking opioids again. To avoid the chances of relapse, contact doctors at Norton Health Care. Book an appointment with our doctors.

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