Opiate and opioids have similar effects and they cause addiction. This is why many people use both terms interchangeably, without knowing the actual differences. You don’t need to understand the differences, although. Both have the same effects on us and if you get addicted to opiates or opioids, you need a doctor’s help. Find the best rehab center near you and start your treatment. Norton Health Care is a trusted health center for your opioid addiction treatment. Our doctors will consult everything with you.

Opiates and opioids do the damages to our health, but there is a difference between them. Knowing both of them will help you understand your addiction even better way. Opiates derive from poppy plans and this is why opiates are called natural in the sense. The active ingredient molecule of opiates is created naturally. The common opiates are opium, morphine, and codeine. They are made directly from poppy plants.

Opiates are natural, but opioids are synthetic or partly synthetic and its active molecule is produced chemically in a lab. Common opioids are Oxycontin, hydrocodone, fentanyl, and others. So, both opiates and opioids are narcotic analgesics, but opiates are natural and opioids are made chemically.

There is confusion regarding heroin and people sometimes confused about which category heroin belongs to.

Heroin is the schedule I narcotic drug as per the Federal Law of the United States. This means the drug has no medical purposes and one should need permission to access the drugs for research purposes. And if anyone obtains the drugs without the authority’s permission, it is called an illegal act.

Heroin is a synthetic drug. It uses molecules from opium plants through the synthesis process. Many references also suggest that using the term opioids for all opium-like substances and it also limits the use of opiates for the drugs naturally derived from poppy plants.

So, these are the main differences between opioids and opiates. No matter the drug you addicted to, you need treatment for your addiction. Norton Health Care is offering help to patients. Doctors prescribe medicines for you. If you need health care treatments, you must contact us.

We have the best team of doctors. Our treatment process includes MAT (Medication-Assisted Treatment). With the help of medicines and therapies, we are treating opioid addictions. You can contact us for more details.

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Opioid addiction puts many people in worry; because once people get dependent on opioids, it is really hard to get rid of. Health care organizations and doctors can play an active role in reducing the number of opioid addiction cases. Norton Health Care is one of the health care organizations that help people control their addiction. Anyone who is suffering from the opioid-related issue can contact with us. We have branches in Norton MA, Salem NH, and Dover NH. If you want to consult with us, call us at 508-285-8550 or Book An Appointment.

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If anything helps in reducing opioid addiction cases, it is non-opioid therapy for pain management. People get addicted to opioids when they start taking drugs for managing their acute pain. To help people who are suffering from severe pain issues, doctors must prescribe non-opioid medicines. The less you use opioids, the more benefits you will get.

Goals for pain and function:

Every doctor comes up with the right goals for managing pain and functions. They must choose the right option. Considering the benefits, opioid treatment should be designed accordingly. They must also plan for discontinuing opioids if they do not get an effective result.

Discuss Risks and Benefits:

Doctors should discuss risks and benefits both with the patients to make them aware that how opioids can affect their health. If people get them in difficult to get rid of opioids, contact Norton Health Care. We are actively serving a wide region of New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Fill up our appointment form to consult with our doctors. We will provide you with the right information for your addiction therapy.

Use immediate-release opioid:

When a doctor prescribes opioid therapy for pain management, they must prescribe immediate-release medicines instead of extended-release medicines. Immediate-release opioids are faster acting medication with a shorter pain-relieving option.

Short duration for pain management:

The duration of pain management with opioids should be short. Doctors must prescribe short-acting opioids with the lowest dose for pain management. For treating acute pain, opioids are given across the world. People need to find out the right option for their therapy.

Doctors must evaluate benefits and harms both:

Opioid pain management needs frequent evaluation to understand the benefits of medicines. Doctors need to assess benefits and risks both and if they find anything unusual with the outcome of opioid pain management, they must immediately take action.

Call Norton Health Care for opioid addiction treatment. If anywhere in your treatment plan, you need help, we are always with you. Fill up the consultation or appointment form and contact with our doctors. 

Suboxone is a very effective medicine for opioid addiction treatment and many doctors have used the medicine to offer relief from the addiction issue. But the use of medicine must remain under the supervision of doctors. When you take suboxone, you have to consult with doctors for taking other medicines. Suboxone can interact with other medicines and can make the situation worse. You must inform your doctor about the right treatment. For example, Gabapentin and suboxone interact when you take them together and they cause serious health consequences.

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Gabapentin has very common use in partial seizures and neuropathy. This medicine is particularly given for oral use, such as oral capsule, oral solution, or oral tablets. Manufacturers make this product available to patients in its generic form or under the brand name of Neurontin®. The medicine is particularly categorized under the anticonvulsant drug group because it is used for treating convulsions. Some people use medicine as an alternative to benzodiazepines for those struggling with anxiety or Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS).

Now when people take suboxone, the medicine is prescribed as a part of Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) programs. The medicine contains Buprenorphine and naloxone and it reduces the withdrawal symptoms also. Buprenorphine is a partial opioid agonist and reduces the symptoms for withdrawal. Naloxone is for treating opioid overdose. If someone tries to misuse the medicine, naloxone releases a strong withdrawal symptom.

If you take both the medicines, Gabapentin and Buprenorphine, as per a doctor’s prescription, this medicine will not cause any problems. But problems appear when you take both the medicines together.

Gabapentin and opioids will not be taken together unless your doctor prescribes them. But the medical professionals always believe that these medicines should not be taken together to avoid health issues and side effects.

If you need any medical help regarding your opioid addiction treatment, Norton Health Care will help you completely. You can contact our doctors and start your treatments. We have an experienced team of suboxone doctors who studied in the field for addiction treatment. We are authorized for performing the addiction issues. You can contact our doctors for treatment.

The Risks of mixing Gabapentin and suboxone:

When you take the medicines together without your doctor’s consultation, you will put your health at great risks. You will experience so many symptoms for your addiction treatment. Both medicines are Central nervous System (CNS) Depressants. This medication causes so many health problems and increases the chances of an opioid overdose. They together also slow down the performance of CNS.

Some of the health issues that you can experience are:

  1. Lethargy
  2. Confusion
  3. Slowed breathing
  4. Decreased heart rate
  5. Impaired judgment

Opioid addiction treatment needs a doctor’s advice. You can contact us for the treatment. We have branches in Norton MA, Salem NH, and Dover NH. Book an appointment with our doctors for the treatment. We are actively serving patients in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Opioids are known for blocking pain signals and this is why the drug is prescribed by doctors after surgery or for an injury. Opioids are available in many forms including, pills, patches, powder, and liquids. Like its forms, these drugs also have different strengths, from very strong to mild. Experienced doctors come up with a real solution for your addiction treatment. opioid addiction is hard to avoid and you need a doctor’s support for your treatment.

Heroin is an illegal opioid and made of morphine, available on the street. People take the drug for getting highs and it can be injected, snorted, or smoked. Opioids block the sense of pain completely. It produces an intense rush that makes you extremely happy. When you take opioids under doctor’s supervision, these medicines help you heal your pain effectively. But if you rake the drug intending to get high, these drugs are also addictive.

People who are using drugs often lose control over their body and they get dependent on the drugs. They need more and more of it. This situation can lead you to overdose. You need to contact the best rehab center near you for your addiction treatment. Norton Health Care is an experienced health care organization offering opioid addiction treatments to patients. We have branches in Norton MA, Salem NH, and Dover NH.

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A fact of Opioid Addiction:

fact of Opioid Addiction

The data has revealed that people who are injecting drugs have a higher chance to get HIV, Hepatitis C, and B because of using and reusing needles and injection equipment. WHO (World Health Organization) came up with data that may make many people worried. They cited that nearly 13 million people inject drugs across the world; and of them, around 1.7 million people develop infectious diseases like HIV. Even the statistic also reflects that 1 out of 10 new HIV acquisitions get the infection by using injection drugs. The rate is worse in Central Asia and Eastern Europe.

Opioid Substitution Therapy (OST):

Opioid Substitution Therapy

Opioid substitution therapy replaces the addiction drug with prescription drugs. This is a very effective process for helping people suffering from opioid addiction. You need the best doctors for this treatment and Norton Health Care will understand your every need. We have a team of doctor and they get certified for conducting the treatment.

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In Opioid Substitution Therapy, patients sometimes stay in the rehab centers, and sometimes they take medicines at their home. Depending on the severity of the addiction, doctors will prescribe the right medicine, and they also finalize which treatment choice proves to be the best option.

WHO has already appreciated the approaches of OST and the treatment program brings many benefits to those who are having addiction issues. Patients can control their drug cravings and can avoid the overdose issue also.

Two effective medicines for the treatment:

Effective medicines for the treatment

Methadone and Buprenorphine are two effective drugs required for opioid addiction treatment. Doctors who get training in the field will be the best persons to prescribe the medicines accurately. People need an experienced doctor because any wrong in the treatment will make your addiction even more intense. Though these two drugs are very effective for the addiction treatment, they are also addictive and they can cause dependence on the drugs in patients. When you get dependent on these drugs, you will experience withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking the drugs.

Methadone lasts in your system for about 24 hours that means you can take methadone once a day. When you are using methadone safely, it will not cause any side effects and it helps your addiction treatment also. Doctors also say that if you take the medicine at the right dose, you can stay on the medicine for a long time without any side effects.

But when the dose gets overdose, you will have so many symptoms including severe drowsiness, muscle weakness, cold and clammy skin.

Buprenorphine is another popular drug and you can take the medicine once a day or once every other day. It comes in a tablet form that you need to keep under your tongue. It gets dissolved on its own. Buprenorphine is also a safe drug than methadone.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved many brand name products that contain Buprenorphine as a core ingredient including:

  1. Subutex (Buprenorphine)
  2. Suboxone (Buprenorphine and Naloxone)

An addicted person needs comprehensive therapy. Only medicines will not give you the best result. They need counseling and behavioral therapies as well. These two medicines will offer the best results when they are accompanied by these therapy choices.

The use of Methadone and Buprenorphine for opioid addiction:

WHO stated that both methadone and Buprenorphine are very effective for opioid addiction treatment and they are widely used by doctors for helping patients with addiction. While some countries accept these medicines and some places are not allowed to have these drugs and these medicines are illegal there.

In the US, both Methadone and Buprenorphine get controlled by the federation. The use of these drugs in the US depends on State Laws and Federal regulation. You can avail of these drugs from any pharmacy because dispense of the medicines is done by authorized and certified medical stores only.

Norton Health Care extends its hands to people who want treatment to come out of the addiction craving. If you need any help, consul with doctors at Norton Health Care.

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OST and Pregnancy:

Pregnant women need extra precaution when they are undergoing Opioid Substitution Therapy (OST). There are a few things that you need to know. No matter what your health condition is, you must disclose everything to your Doctor. Norton Health Care is a trusted name for opioid addiction and we have treatment centers in Norton MA, Salem NH, and Dover NH. Call 508-285-8550 to get in touch with our doctor.

  1. Methadone will not prevent you from getting pregnant or having a normal pregnancy.
  2. Methadone can make your baby dependent on the drug at first and it should be treated by doctors.
  3. The data revealed that Methadone will not cause birth defects or developmental issues in the newborn baby.
  4. Buprenorphine has not been tested as intensely as methadone, but doctors believe that it is easier on babies without an increased risk of birth defects.

If you experience any kind of uncomfortable health issue, you need to contact doctors immediately. Your doctor will change your dose and can help you with your addiction.

Avoid Overdose With Naloxone:

Avoid Overdose With Naloxone

Naloxone is a very popular medicine for treating opioid overdose. The medicine counteracts the effects of opioids and restores your health if you experience overdose symptoms. The drug can be injected into your body. It is available in nasal spray also. Naloxone is not addictive and it has not the potential to abuse. People with an opioid overdose will respond to the drugs within 5 minutes. Naloxone has been used for treating people with life-threatening opioid overdose.

Norton Health Care has the best team of opioid doctors and they are serving people comprehensively. Your treatment details will be confidential and we respect your position in society. You will be provided with all details before we start any treatment. People from Manchester, Lawrence, Brockton, Taunton, Attleboro, and Rochester visit Norton Health Care for the treatment.

Support your step:

When you decide to go for the treatment, it is a positive step for your happy life. Addiction turns your life black. It spoils everything. It brings a relationship issue ad it alienates you from others. We request you to choose a rehab center near you for your addiction treatment. Norton Health Care has branches in Norton MA, Salem NH, and Dover NH. Contact us for your addiction treatment. Call us to 508-285-8550 to book an appointment with our doctors. Cooperate with our doctors and disclose everything regarding your health issues and addiction history.

Telling your close ones that you are addicted to opioids is difficult, but you need to put together your all courage and face the situation. Your one positive step will help you come out of the addiction. Tell them you are seeking treatment. Every health organization comes up with the right plans for you. Norton Health Care is one of the renowned names and they made a unique position because they are prescribing treatment after assessing an individual’s health history. Find out the right solution for you.

We are always with you to make your journey easier. If you are looking for tips to face your dear ones to tell them your addiction issue, here are some tips that you can do for you. To get more information about the treatment regarding opioid addiction, you can contact Norton Health Care and we have branches in areas like Norton MA, Salem NH, and Dover NH.

Tell your immediate family:

When you are addicted to opioids, you love to spend time alone. You don’t want to get involved in any conversation with your family. But you have to make them understand that you are going through a very tough phase. If talking is difficult, then you can provide them with resources from where they get details about your condition and opioid addictions.

Friend Groups:

You can disclose your decision to your close friends. Now, you may have two friend categories. One group consists of your old friends who will support your addiction treatment and will encourage you to live a better life. The other group has friends you made for your drug addictions. They may criticize your decision. Avoid them as much as possible. Don’t stay in touch with people who can supply you with substances.

Employer and colleague:

If you manage to continue your work while being on treatment, you must tell your employer about the drug addiction treatment. You may need leaves for the treatment and this may cause harm to your work. Employers can even fire you for your frequent present at your office. But there is a law to protect your job if you fall under the right criteria. Americans With Disabilities Act protects your job if you enroll in a treatment program. it requires a substance abuse assessment, although.

If you need opioid addiction treatment, you can contact Norton Health Care. We have branches in three prime locations in the USA. And apart from that, we are services in areas like Manchester, Lawrence, Brockton, Taunton, Attleboro, and Rochester. Call 508-285-8550 to book an appointment with doctors.

Opioid addiction in the United States starts a national emergency and everybody is looking for a solution to save the nation. Be matured and don’t abuse opioids. The data has also revealed that more than 2 million Americans abuse opioids and around 90 Americans die by opioid overdose. If you need any help to get rid of opioid addiction, you can contact Norton Health Care to find out the right treatments. We have a team of the best doctors and we are offering treatments that are effective on an individual. Find out the best opioid abuse doctor near you.

The addiction to opioids makes people feel that they need opioids for their survival. Once you get addicted to the drugs, you want to increase the dose to get highs. This will also increase the chances of opioid overdose and it causes so many severe health complications. Opioids gain control over the brain and a patient cannot think in a natural way because of this.

If you know someone close to you is taking opioids for managing their pain, you can ask the person to consult with physician anesthesiologists or other pain medicine specialists to take the medicine in the right way. You can also explore alternative options. You must learn safely use of the medicine. Consult with experienced doctors or you can also connect with us for getting addiction-related information. Our doctors will be happy to help you. We are trying to help our government as much as possible by helping people get rid of the addiction.

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Our doctors come up with some right solutions for you. If you want to help your friend in the opioid addiction recovery, we can help you in the best way. Here are the things that you can do, including.

  1. Find a physician who you trust to get the referrals for suboxone doctors.
  2. Check the addiction specialist in your area
  3. Find the behavioral health treatment service locator.

Norton Health Care is a trusted name for your addiction treatment. We are one of the best rehab centers for your treatments. Experienced doctors will offer the right solution for you. The symptoms for opioid addiction cravings, including drug cravings, anxiety, insomnia, abdominal pain, vomiting, and more. Call us to find out the right treatments for you.

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Opioid addiction is chronic and you need medicines for your addiction treatments. But there are alternative therapies that help you heal your addiction. Though medicines suppress the withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings, it is not enough for treating your addiction in a complete way. This is why doctors recommend mindfulness for your recovery. With this mindfulness, patients can find ways to change their habit and that helps find the right way for the recovery. If you need any help for your addiction treatment, you can contact Norton Health Care.

Mindfulness is an essential practice for your addiction treatment. With the help of this alternative therapy, people can address the thought process for the relapse. Though the mindfulness alone cannot help a patient in the addiction treatment, you need medicine and doctors to find out the perfect way for your addiction treatment.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is all about paying attention in a particular way. People can improve the thought process with the help of mindfulness and they can recognize negative thinking that forces them to have the drugs. This process is not new in the health care world. In ancient times, people are using mindfulness practices to achieve concentration power. In Buddhist practices, this meditation is a popular one. But you no need to get into any religious support for practicing mindfulness. You can do it on your own.

At Norton Health Care, our doctors are trying to offer the best treatments and this is why they are welcoming approaches that heal a patient’s behavior. We have included counseling and behavioral therapies in our Medication-Assisted Treatment. Mindfulness is another approach that we suggest patients maintain in the recovery phase.

How to practice mindfulness:

Mindfulness can be practiced in different ways. Those who are having chronic pain can do body scan medication to find out the areas of pain. It also teaches people to live within the moment. The other forms of mindfulness include:

  1. Seated medication while focusing on your breathing.
  2. Observing thought medication.
  3. Walking medication that increases the concentration power on your surrounding objects.
  4. Eating medication to help recognize the taste, textures, and other sensations.

Doctors find out that mindfulness offers many benefits for opioid addiction treatment. It helps in treating your chronic pain. It also offers safe ways to manage your pain. So, if you are taking medicines for getting relief from your chronic pain, you can do this mindfulness practice.

For your opioid addiction treatment, you can contact Norton Health Care. Doctors at the treatment center are experienced and certified to conduct treatment for opioid addiction. If you need any help, contact Norton Health Care. We have branches in Norton MA, Salem NH, and Dover NH. Call 508-285-8550 to book an appointment with our doctors.

Opioid addiction is a serious health topic and many health organizations are discussing things together. Everyone needs to participate in the program to help people stop abusing opioids. If you know someone who has an opioid addiction, you need to take steps to solve the issue. The content discusses some important points that will help you to support a person with addiction. If you need any help, call Norton Health Care. We have branches in Norton MA, Salem NH, and Dover NH.

In our health care center, people will get the best treatment. If you need any health care support related to opioid addiction, you can call us.

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Our doctors have years of experience in the field and they help many patients get back to their regular lives. They are sharing some facts with us and these details will help you handle even a tricky situation to keep your friend calm in the addiction recovery phase.

Accept them first:

Accept your friend and give love to him/her. Make the person feel that you are always with him/her. You should not keep your friend away from you. Treat the addiction like other diseases and behave compassionately to help your friend get rid of the addiction.

Create a substance-free environment:

If your friend and family member get addicted to opioid addiction or any substance addiction, you need to create an environment that is addiction. You need to look after that matter that your friend is not close to the contacts that supply illegal opioids. If you need any help with supporting your friend, Norton Health Care can educate you rightly. Contact us for any information.

Provide support:

You have taken an important responsibility on your shoulder. You have to be the support of your friend so that he/she can express everything without any problem. Listen to their problems. Listening is an important habit and it will also help you a lot. You can also attend a campaign where you can educate yourself about opioid addiction. Your small approaches will benefit your friend a lot.

Norton Health Care praises every support from the citizen in the mission of reducing opioid addiction cases.

consult an experienced suboxone doctor for your friend.

Call 508-285-8550 to get information about opioid addiction.

Encourage healthy habit:

As a friend, you can encourage the person with an addiction to cherishing healthy habits like cooking, exercising, and more. You will get many ideas on the internet. You can plan everything to not make your friend feel that he/she is alone.

Join a support group:

You can convince your friend to join a support group where he/she can share stories of addiction without any judgments. Your friend will also meet persons who are undergoing the same problems.

Be patient:

Recovery is a long process and you need to be patient. The recovery phase is a difficult one and you have to help your friend to cross the phase.

Consult doctors at Norton Health Care for your opioid addiction treatment. We have branches in Norton MA, Salem NH, and Dover NH.

You start abusing opioids even without your knowledge. You gradually get addicted to opioids and when you want to stop using the drug, the craving will stop you from doing so. You need the help provided by the authorized rehab center. Contact an addiction treatment center near you and start your opioid addiction treatment. Norton Health Care creates a treatment environment where a doctor can monitor addiction cases. With the help of mediation assisted treatment, doctors will control the drug cravings also.

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Some statistics reveal how you can get addicted to opioids even your intension is not getting addicted to the drugs. After an operation or an injury, you are given pain killers to block the pain signals. These drugs relieve your pain. The body gets tolerant of the drugs and you need more quantity to heal your pain. When these drugs are unavailable, you feel the cravings and you will try illegal ways to obtain the drugs. Often, people shift to heroin to meet their cravings since it is a cheaper drug than prescription opiates and they are easily available. If you are experiencing the same situation and you want help. Contact Norton Health Care. We have a branch in Norton MA, Salem NH, and Dover NH.

Some people are more likely to get addicted to opioids than others. Doctors are revealing the truth of opioid addiction and are discussing every point associated with it. Those who abuse substances like alcohol or have a family history of addiction are more likely to abuse the medicines.  Those who are suffering from trauma and if the residential area has many substance abusers, there is a high chance of getting addicted to drugs. If you need support from a licensed doctor, you need to call Norton health Care. We have the best team of suboxone doctors for your treatment.

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The effects of opioids abuse:

Opioids affect society badly. There are many consequences of opioids that you must know. Opioid abuse encourages crimes. People get engaged in stealing to meet their habits. It also increases some health diseases such as HIV or Hepatitis from the shared needles.  Those who are on heroin abuse may have rheumatological diseases, heart lining, valve infections, and collapsed veins.

When people try to quit opioids on their own, they end up going back to the drugs and they take more dose. Due to this, death can also be possible.

Norton Health Care will provide you with the right support. We are offering treatments that work effectively on an individual. With the help of medicines and the right dose, our doctors will heal the issue. We observe your symptoms and then prescribe the medicines. These prescription drugs suppress the cravings and you can control your addiction.

Opioid addiction can start an epidemic if it is not controlled. People should take education about opioid addiction. Opioid addiction can do intense harm to society. Only a few people are aware of the facts. Everyone has to come together to stop the addiction. Along with health care organizations, people should actively participate in removing the addiction cases. Norton Health Care is a trusted rehab center. We have a team of the best suboxone doctors. They are offering treatments to help you with your addiction.

We have a branch in Norton MA, Salem NH, and Dover NH. Our doctors are constantly serving people for faster recovery. The death toll due to opioid addiction is increasing and people need something drastic to stop the addiction cases. The number of affected people is so that every American knows someone who is addicted to opioids. Finding the reason for opioid addiction is a difficult one because anything can be blamed for, including age, sex, education, trauma, and more.

When OpiateCare doctors are relentlessly offering help to patients, as a citizen, you have some responsibility to keep people away from the addiction. You must know the symptoms of addictions, what to do when you identify the person with addiction, and how you can extend help for the recovery. The best thing is that you can attend health care campaigns related to addiction treatment and opioid addiction issues. Grow your knowledge as much as possible to handle even a tricky situation.

You will get many resources for your addiction treatment. Search on the internet or find out information for your addiction treatments. You can also contact with different health care organizations, especially those who are offering opioid addiction treatment.

Even the strict regulations are there on accessing opioids, the addiction level is increasing. Illegal manufacturers are spreading drugs like heroin at a cheaper price and people show no sign to keep the addiction away from them.

Here, we are talking about some signs of addiction. You can learn about the signs and can take necessary precautions. If your loved one gets addicted to opioids,

Here are the symptoms you can consider:

  1. Neglecting family obligation
  2. Staying more nervous than usual
  3. A decline in physical appearance
  4. Physical symptoms, including dizziness
  5. Staying more irritable than usual
  6. Weight loss
  7. Excessive sniffing

When you are aware of the addiction, you can take a better decision for your addiction treatment. If you need any help, contact us. Norton Health Care is offering patient care. Our experienced doctors are treating the complication in the best. To book an appointment with doctors, call us at 508-285-8550.

Those who are struggling with opioid addiction and are going through the addiction recovery process need your support as a friend. The journey of recovery is difficult, especially they miss the positive support for living. You as a friend can help him/her fight against this complex situation. You with other friends can also create a support group that improves his/her recovery journey. Make sure that your friend is taking the medicines as per the direction. Norton Health Care welcomes this approach and we are educating the friend group on how to tackle a situation.

Norton Health Care is a trusted center where patients can get a doctor for their addiction treatment. We are maintaining confidential terms for the treatments and we assure everyone that the data patients shared with us remain confidential always. We have branches in Norton MA, Salem NH, and Dover NH.

How friends can help a person in recovery treatment:

Norton Health Care designs an environment where patients will not only get treatments, but they also meet the support group. We are welcoming friends and family members for designing such a group so that patients can express their feelings without any hindrances.

Healthy behavior:

When addicted people surround with positive friends, he/she starts adopting positive behavior which is important for their treatments.

Support when he/she needs:

The recovery journey has many obstacles. Reach your friends when he/she needs your support. You can share things that help the person with addiction ignore the symptoms.

We are offering medical detox for your addiction treatment. With medicines like suboxone, we tame the symptoms and the cravings of the drugs. If you are looking for suboxone doctors near you, contact Norton Health Care. We have a team of doctors ready for your treatments.

Help your friends to get a new life after addiction:

After the recovery, the patient needs you to live a new life. Help him/her build confidence to go back to normal life again.

Opioid addiction treatment needs patience. Friends and family members can support the journey of patients. Help patients get the best addiction treatment center near you.

Norton Health Care is offering support to everyone who is seeking help in opioid addiction treatments. The approaches friends and family members are taking are praiseworthy. They also consult with us for information. Friends and family members must know about the medicines patients are taking.

Suboxone is one of the widely used medicines and many rehab centers use the name for the treatment. We have experienced suboxone doctors who have specialized training for conducting the treatments. Untrained physicians can damage the condition. So, opt for the reputed rehab center near you. You can also visit branches in Norton MA, Salem NH, and Dover NH.

Opioid addiction has become a serious health concern and many people are suffering from the addiction issue. Due to taking opioids for a long time, people get addicted to drugs. Opioids disturb the function of the brain by producing artificial endorphin that not only blocks pain but also makes you feel good. For taking the medicine continuously, your brain starts relying on the medicines and this causes addiction. Norton Health Care can make you relief from this addiction. Follow the doctor’s advice and maintain the direction. Visit our branches in Norton MA, Salem NH, and Dover NH.

Finding the right symptom for opioid abuse is difficult, particularly when people abuse prescription pain killers. If the addicted person is close to you, know the symptoms to offer the right help. Norton Health Care is a health care clinic and our doctors are also associated with the awareness campaign. Here, we are offering some of the symptoms with which you can guess that the person is suffering from an addiction issue. Talk to him/her and discuss the best way out. Take an appointment with a doctor and start the treatment.

Symptoms of opioid addiction:


opioid medication releases dopamine and it makes you feel good and you also experience the high or euphoric condition. It also increases the craving.

Sudden mood swing:

Mood swing is very common. Those who are addicted to the drug, experience high and low both. Mood swing is common in this regard.


People start spending time alone. They avoid social gatherings and events. They want to stay in isolation.


Addicted person shields their personal lives from their friend and family members. They do not want to show a sign that they are addicted to opioids.

Financial problem:

Opioid addiction increases the craze for the drugs. People start borrowing money. They are in financial problems.

Issues with friends and family:

Those who get dependent on opioids experience difficulties to maintain their normal life and they are struggling to maintain a relationship with friends and family members. It also affects their professional lives.

Legal issues:

People tend to commit crimes when they are in addiction. Sometimes, they drive when they are in the drug influence. Since addiction makes obstacles in their judgment, they finally end up arguing with the law and get arrested.

Breaking commitments:

They forget their promises due to the influence of the drugs and they are not keeping up their commitments.

There are many such issues that can be the symptoms of addictions. Consult with the opioid addiction treatment center and start treatments for the addiction. Norton Health Care is offering addiction treatments. Call us or visit our branches to consult with doctors. Though we are located in Norton MA, Salem NH, and Dover NH, our patients come from the popular regions like Manchester and Lawrence, Brockton, Taunton, Attleboro, and Rochester.

Using opioids is harmful to everyone’s health. Many terms are associated with the use of opioids, such as dependence, addiction, and tolerance. Norton Health Care is one of the rehab centers where doctors are offering opioid addiction treatment to patients. Our doctors are also helping patients to understand what addiction is. They are trying to define each term that patient experiences during their recovery. We understand you are looking for the right guidance for stopping your addiction. Here, we come up with the easy and informative details for you. Visit our branches in Norton MA, Salem NH, and Dover NH. We come up with the best possible way for your addiction treatments.

What is opioid addiction?

When you take opioids, it produces artificial endorphins responsible for blocking pain in your body. Endorphin also makes you feel good. When you are on the opioids for a long time or you are taking the drugs in a higher amount, your brain depends on the artificial endorphin that disturbs the natural production power. The longer you take the medicines, the poorer your condition will be.

What is drug tolerance?

Tolerance happens when your body gets used to the drug for taking the medicine longer period. You need a higher dose of the drug to achieve the same feelings. When you stop taking the drugs, your tolerance level will decrease. If you need to begin your drug, don’t take the higher dose because it will be too high for your body. After stopping the medicine if you begin the drug, you must consult with an expert doctor doe this.

Norton Health Care is always offering the best treatment to patients. We first take care of your health and try to get the details about your addiction level and health history. After a few physical tests and complete information about your health, we are suggesting you treatments for opioid addictions. Visit our branches for the treatment. You can call us to book an appointment with our suboxone doctors.

What is drug dependence?

In the drug dependence, your body experiences some changes due to taking the drugs. If you stop taking the drug, you can find the withdrawal symptoms, including sweating, nausea, vomiting, chills, diarrhea, and more.

Drug tolerance and dependence are caused by taking opioids for a long period whereas addiction is not normal. It is a disease; and in the situation, neither your body nor your mind function properly without the use of drugs.

You need a doctor for treating your opioid addiction. Norton Health Care can help you treat your addiction. You can call us and start your treatments. Visit our branches in Norton MA, Salem NH, and Dover NH.

Buprenorphine and naloxone sublingual film is prescribed by doctors for suppressing the opioid withdrawal symptoms. The medicine is approved by the Food and Drug Administrator in 2010 as a maintenance treatment for treating opioid addiction. Norton Health Care is a renowned name for your opioid addiction treatment. We have experienced doctors to treat your complication. This sublingual film is given to those who are in the recovery stage from their opioid addiction.

You need real help for treating your complication. When you get addicted to opioids, an experienced doctor will tell you the right way to overcome the situation. They prescribe some medicines and you are requested to follow them as per the direction. Medicines used for addiction treatment are addictive and this is why you need an experienced doctor who knows the right way to sue the benefits of the medicines.

What is buprenorphine and naloxone sublingual film?

Naloxone and buprenorphine are combined for making the medicine. buprenorphine can reduce withdrawal symptoms. When a person stops takes the addiction drug, buprenorphine lowers the health complications due to the withdrawal phase. Naloxone blocks the effects of opioids because it is considered an opioid antagonist. The drug cannot be misused because naloxone releases a strong withdrawal symptom when it is injected into the body.

Norton Health Care is a trusted treatment center for opioid addiction. We will give you time to listen to your problems and we come up with the best possible way to solve your issue. No matter where you go for the treatment, you have to do a few things to ensure the best treatment choices. Doctors need your complete participation in the treatment.

Consult with your doctor about the situation you have regarding your addiction. Do not hide anything if you have an addiction history or any health problems.

You must tell your doctors if you have:

  1. Mental illness and alcoholism,
  2. Brain tumor or head injury
  3. Thyroid or gallbladder
  4. Kidney or liver disease
  5. Sleep apnea
  6. Breathing problem

Side effects of the treatments:

The side effects of the medicines include constipation, dizziness, drowsiness, vomiting, nausea, and headache. Drink plenty of water for reducing the issue of constipation. You can do moderate exercise also.

What to do for taking the medicines:

You must do things for avoiding side effects. Follow your doctor’s way of taking the medicines. Here, we give you some tips for these medicines.

  1. Rinse your mouth with water and wet the inner part of your cheek
  2. Place the film under your tongue and let it dissolve
  3. Don’t eat or drink anything until the film gets dissolved
  4. Tell your other health care providers and your dentist that you are taking the medicine.

If you need any help for your addiction treatment, we are with you. Call Norton Health Care for your addiction treatment. If you need any help, you can call and book an appointment with our addiction treatment doctors. We have branches in Norton MA, Salem NH, and Dover NH.  

Opioid Addiction imposes a real health problem. Every citizen must contribute to improving the situation. A network comprising of doctors, health care activities, social works, and more organizations can bring the best result in the treatments. It is important to bring people under opioid addiction care. Norton Health Care is a rehab center that is actively offering services to opioid-addicted patients.

Norton Health Care has three branches in Norton MA, Salem NH, and Dover NH. The health care center is helping patients across the USA. Those who are taking opioids as pain killers experience a tough situation when it comes to stopping the medicines. Patients develop a dependence on these drugs and they need treatments from a trained doctor.

Those who are taking prescription opioids find it hard to get better treatment. And there is a reason behind such a situation. Many clinics said that they need more information about their medicines and their addictions before treating their problems. This is why many clinics decide whether they take these patients or not. Health clinics tend to take new patients for the treatments, those who are not prescribed to opioid medicines.

Norton Health Care has the best team of doctors who are for offering comprehensive treatment for your opioid addictions. Suboxone is one of the best medicines for opiate care and we have experienced doctors who are prescribing the medicines. Suboxone needs authorized doctors who obtained a special certificate to treat patients with medicines. So, before choosing a name for your addiction treatment, you must check whether your doctor is experienced enough to handle such a critical situation.

Those who are on prescription opioids need special attention, besides checkups, preventive care, and more. Doctors at Norton Health Care are offering the right treatments for you. We first analyze the patients’ requirements and come up with the right solutions for you.

Doctors need to concentrate on so many things for addiction treatments. They must prescribe rescue drugs to patients with opioid addiction that rescues people from the opioid overdose. Family members also need to pay attention to the treatment of addicts. They must know the sign of opioid overdose and they must take the right steps for the addiction treatments.

This external care is needed to keep the addiction under control. Otherwise, patients tend to turn other means of opioids obtaining. We request people to consult with our doctors. We are offering help to patients who decided to stop their addictions. We know that it is hard but our doctors can make things better for you. visit our branches in Norton MA, Salem NH, and Dover NH.

Methadone is one of the proven medicines for addiction treatment. Methadone maintenance is an important drug for your opioid addiction. Doctors who prescribe the medicines obtained special training for prescribing methadone to patients. There are so many things need to be kept in mind for doctors. You must visit an authorized treatment center for your addiction treatment. Norton Health Care is a well-known treatment center and comes up with the best doctors for addiction treatments.

Doctors are prescribing medicines for different lengths of time, depending on the addiction severity of an individual. Some patients need the medication for multiple years while some need the medication to stabilize their situation.

The short term use of the methadone for opioid addiction proves to be very effective, although it is rare in the addiction treatment. Methadone works well in the drug detox phase. Experienced doctors can use the medicine in the right way. Understanding the benefits of methadone is essential.

Methadone is a synthetic or man-made drug. The medicine belongs to the same family as illegal heroin and pain killers like Oxycontin. But the medicine works differently. Methadone also brings changes to the brain and the central nervous system, particularly to respond to pain management. Methadone has been historically used as a painkiller.

The drug was first introduced in Germany in the 1930s and then it was introduced to the U.S. in 1947. The medicine was used as a general pain killer until in the 1960s, the drug was proven helpful for the treatment of heroin. The medicine suppressed the withdrawal symptoms when people stopped taking the drugs of addictions.

Methadone is a different drug from others because of its long half-life. The effects of the medicines stay in the blood for a longer time. Methadone helps in the withdrawal by suppressing the symptoms. Withdrawal is a phase where drug addicts experience many painful symptoms, including vomiting, cramping, aches, and more.

Doctors obtained methadone legally for opioid addiction treatment. Methadone Maintenance Treatment (MMT) is a form of addiction treatment that includes methadone. The mission of the treatment is to help patients not to take the drugs and control their withdrawal symptoms.

If someone stops taking methadone, he/she still experience withdrawal symptoms. This is why you need to consult with the best doctors for your addiction treatments. Norton Health Care is a treatment center and doctors come up with the right solutions for treating opioid addictions.

Don’t opt for the self-medicate. Rather, find an experienced doctor at Norton Health Care and start your addiction treatment. We have branches in Norton MA, Salem NH, and Dover NH. Call us to book an appointment with our doctors.

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