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why come to our practice

As the name hints, care for your addiction is a priority here. Years of experience and research have helped us understand the difficulty a narcotics addiction brings. Such decisions take immense amount of courage and because we understand the amount of initiative it takes to get help, we have inbuilt patience into our program. We make sure that you are absolutely comfortable and feel at ease while interacting with us. Medication, if and when necessary, is used to help you deal with any pain or discomfort. The intake or dosage of this medicine is given under high supervision of experienced doctors. The interaction with patients go beyond professional care, we truly appreciate your steps towards recovery and a better and freer life. We conduct open sessions and encourage family meetings where friendliness, laughter and positive thinking take priority. Any difficult journey can become an easy one when we combat it together, as a team. Here at Norton Health Care, we are in this as a team, crossing hurdles and coming out victorious together.

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