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a patient 16th Nov 2007
After being a patient at 3 other clinics I was amazed at how accommodating the staff was. Also, Dr. Akhter correctly diagnosed my mood disorder after 3 years of misdiagnoses.
a patient 12th Sep 2007
The staff are caring people who listen, do not judge, are eager to help, and do their best to get to the root of you opioid problem.
a patient 17th Apr 2008
Everyone is so polite and understanding. I appreciate everything that is done to help me and I am glad I referred 2 people to this office that also got the help they deserved.
a patient 24th Jun 2009
All of the doctors are great here. Since coming to this office I finally have a significant amount of time clean from opioid, I am very proud of that.
a patient 23rd Feb 2011
This center keeps me clean
a patient 13th Apr 2007
My doctor has asked me several times if I would like to relocate closer to my home (which is an hour away) with his referral, and I refuse every time!
a patient 14th May 2008
I really enjoy meeting with Dr. Phansalkar. He is a very good doctor but also a clever conversationalist!
a patient 16th Jan 2008
Clean place. Nice people.
a patient 16th Feb 2010
It is always easy to get an appointment and my doctor shows a great concern for my health and mental well-being.
a patient 08th Sep 2009
Dr. Knight has a very pleasant and easygoing outlook on life and its daily struggle. I take his advice to heart. Also, the rest of the staff is caring and has always been very pleasant.
a patient 02nd Apr 2008
When I come here for an appointment or call with a concern I am treated like a human being, not an addict or just another paying customer. Its comforting to know that when I come here I am going to get the treatment and care that all recovering addicts need, without rude doctors and staff. The setting is very private. It is always easy to get an appointment and my doctor shows a great concern for my health and mental well-being
a patient 05th Apr 2006
My doctor is great. He really does a good job of taking care of patients. I have been clean for 2 years and I never could have done it without the help of Dr. Akhter
a patient 04th Feb 2010
Prompt service, the doctors are always helpful, friendly, and take the time to listen to me
a patient 08th Oct 2009
Great service, professional staff, clean office... the best part: I feel great when I leave
a patient 04th Aug 2009
I like that I was able to be seen the same day I called to schedule an initial appointment. It was very important in my situation to be seen as soon as possible and I found the staff to be friendly and comforting.

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