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outpatient treatment

Outpatient treatment: At Norton Health Care, we provide efficient pain free detox from heroin, pain medication and other opioids in an office based setting.


Regular personal care: Norton health care believes in offering one-to-one medication in accordance with each patient’s individual needs. Here, there is no predefined time frame for how long a person would get the treatment.


On-site Psychotherapy: Norton health care has an on-site staff of outstanding and supportive psychotherapists. Physician’s work closely with the therapist to address any issues which might assist in the patient’s recovery from substance dependence.


Family support: Norton Health Care also guides the patient’s family members in understanding the nature of addiction and enable them to properly support the recovery of the patients.


Methadone clean up planning: We also deliver an out-of-box service where a patient taking methadone is made to enter a Suboxone recovery protocol with the help of a team of experts inclusive of physicians, therapists and the other staff.