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Percocet Treatment

Percocet Treatment

Percocet Treatment

Percocet Treatment

Prescription opioid abuse has become one of fatal addictions of the age. One such mostly abused prescription opioid problem is Percocet. Percocet is the commercial name for a painkiller, which is a combination of acetaminophen and oxycodone.

Percocet was originally used to treat non-chronic and short-term pains. But, due to the increasing number of prescriptions pain killers, the addiction has also increased. Today, there are many who are in need for Percocet addiction treatment.

How Percocet Affects The User?

The effect of Percocet addiction is somewhat similar to heroin and morphine. It majorly disturbs the brain and the central nervous system. This medicine helps in changing the perception of pain in the brain. The abuse of this painkiller is more harmful when users crush it or take more than the recommended dosages.

While taking Percocet, the user feels the same kind of pleasurable sensations, which comes when one intakes heroin. The opioid has the potential to trigger the release of dopamine and it also works as a depressant for the central nervous system. And with the release of the dopamine, the user has some euphoric sensations and relaxed feeling.

Why Does Percocet Addiction Occur?

Many people believe that getting high on prescription opioid is safe and the best way. This is the reason we see many people requiring Percocet addiction treatment or any other prescribed opioid addiction treatment. They thing that intake of opioid painkillers like Percocet is not as dangerous as methamphetamine or heroin. However, the fact is that the abuse of this is as serious as any other street opioid. At the worst case scenarios, a person may even die due to overdose with Percocet.

When Does One Need Percocet Addiction Treatment?

There can be different signs of a person in need for Percocet addiction treatment. People first need to understand that they need to use the medicine only as prescribed. Once the used develops a mental and physical dependency on the opioid that is when they are addicted to it. Doctors never recommend Percocet for long-term pain treatment of pain. You would know that a person is addicted to Percocet with the following indications:

– Tolerance building:

An individual, who continuously uses Percocet for a long duration of time, develops tolerance for the opioid. Under this situation, the user needs more of the opioid to feel the same euphoric experience that they had before. For example, when one pill gave them high, after regular abuse, they might require three pills to get the same amount of high and this only keeps increasing.

– Opioid dependency

Percocet addiction treatment becomes very crucial when the opioid becomes a physical or mental dependency. Under this situation, the user will experience withdrawal symptoms and may feel as if they cannot survive without using the opioid.

– Change in behaviour and mood

We all have seen that opioid addicted individuals behave in a particularly different way when they are intoxicated. At many moments, when the addicted person is unable to use the opioid, they become aggressive and abusive.

How Percocet Addiction Treatment Helps?

At Norton Healthcare, the professionals hold experience in offering complete recovery from Percocet Addiction. The experts are well trained in helping Percocet addicted people with their withdrawal symptoms, as it is one of the most difficult phases for all kinds of addiction treatment programs. We, at Norton, make sure that the person with Percocet addiction do not fall victim of relapse.

With our medical supervision during the treatment process, we eradicate the possibilities of different risks that involves while detoxifying the body from the opioid.

Detoxification is the fist process of treatment for Percocet addiction. Our doctors help in flushing out the drub from the abuser’s body. Without this phase, rehabilitation would be worthless. Furthermore, after detoxification we plan out treatment sessions in order to help the person from relapsing as many addicts have the tendency of relapsing, right after the detox phase.

We offer both short and long term Percocet addiction treatment, depending on the type of addiction. However, we suggest long-term treatment program, as it is best for the patient’s complete recovery. At Norton, we make sure all our patients get ample personal care. We make sure we customize our treatment programs according to the patient, as different patients have different reasons for addiction and require different kinds of attention.

So, if you know someone looking for Percocet addiction treatment, you need to make them talk to our professionals. And let us help them find the best way to health living.

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