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Opiates have its existence since time immemorial. It has been widely known as a pain reliever. People use opiates to get rid of pain, but get used to it due to its reactions which gives a certain kind of pleasure. This is when the habit for opiates starts. If you too are addicted to opiates or know someone who is addicted to it, you need to take professional help. At Opiate Care we help people with opioid addiction.

At Opiate care, we provide treatment programs for different types of opiate addictions. We provide rehabilitation facility in our serene environment and help the patient thoroughly in order to get rid of the addiction.

The professionals Opiate Care understand every patient’s need. Our holistic rehab centre has been time proven to be effective with assured results. We believe that in holistic treatment program. From medical detoxification to after treatment care – we provide it all.

We understand that every patient is different therefore we bring forth customized treatment programs for each patient. Being considered as one of the best opiate addiction treatment centers, we understand the critical conditions and which patient requires optimum care. We work alongside with the patient in every recovery phase. Our treatments include spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, vocational, social and legal therapies.


At Opiate Care, we perform a thorough physical and psychological analysis of the patient and try to understand the mental health of the patient. We understand the struggling that a patient may go through and what can push them more towards the addiction.


We start the medication program after analysing the patient. This helps us in understanding what kind of medication to be provided. Our medication program also helps in the patient detoxification phase, as it goes easy with the withdrawal phase. Some patients require long term medication, depending on the severity of the situation.


At Opiate Care, we provide all kinds of therapies to our different patients. From Individual therapy to Group therapy, we provide it all. In our individual therapy sessions, we work with the patient in one-on-one sessions. We also provide cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and Reality-based therapy (RT). In our Group Therapy, we let the patients connect with similar patients with similar issues. This enables the patients to feel empathy and introspect themselves.

Opiate addiction can be very devastation for the family of the addict as well. At Opiate Care, we understand this and work on family counseling as well. In our family counseling sessions we focus on how opiate addiction has destroyed the life of the patient as well as their family. This helps in understanding the core of the issue and solving it from the base. Our therapies include – Meditation, Art Programing, Recreational Programing, Nutritional Counseling, Spiritual Counseling and more.

After Treatment Care

Once the treatment program is over and the patient is free from the addiction, we make sure the patient does not fall back into the same habit. We are constantly in touch with our patients and help them whenever they require. At Opiate Care we thrive by providing holistic treatment for opiate addiction.

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