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Over the years, extensive research has been conducted regarding humans’ innate attraction towards dangerous situations and substances. Studies have implicated social, environmental and psychological factors stemming from everyday situations and surroundings in this attraction. It is believed that addiction provides a means to “run away” from any undesirable circumstances that may arise. Talking about the problems we encounter is possibly the wisest decision one may choose. Our health clinic is a friend who is here to listen to your troubles, so you do not need to turn to an addiction for support.

Counseling will provide you with a friend and give you the push you need to let go of an addiction. It can allow you to embark on a different journey and embark on fresh start to life. A series of friendly sessions will involve accepting your Opioid addiction, and will help you to work towards identifying and avoiding negative situations and people that influence this behavior. We will help you to work on self-control and will aid in developing the relationship with your spiritual self, instilling a sense of inner peace. These sessions will help you gradually diverge from the impatient and impulsive-self to a more sober and serene state of mind.

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