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America’s Opioid Crisis

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Opioid addiction dates back to the 80’s and 90’s. However, Americans today in the year of 2017 are suffering with a major increase of opioid usage. According to The New York Times, the opioid crisis is the “deadliest opioid crisis in American history”. The numbers are only increasing as the days go by as users are losing their lives. Without question, opioid related overdoses have become a leading cause of death for Americans who use under the age of 50. Recently, this crisis has been the most severe in states like Rhode Island and Massachusetts. There is reason to believe that this epidemic has gotten worse because of an increase in the availability of pharmaceutical narcotics.

Majority of people addicted to heroin started their addiction with the use of prescription painkillers. In fact, in the 1990’s communities all over America were introduced to prescription opioids as a way to treat any major pain. When the prescription opioid became too expensive or out of reach, users found their path towards recreational opioid. It isn’t only the heroin that is rapidly killing people. As of recent, opioid such as heroin have been exposed to fentanyl. Fentanyl, a fine grain powder that is purely synthetic, is highly destructive and will end your life faster than you can blink.

Now I know you’re probably thinking, “why would anyone want to use opioid that contain fentanyl in them?” as that is an understandable question. The truth behind it all is that users in fact may never know that their heroin contains this deadly powder until it is too late. During the year of 2014, fentanyl entered the country in an unbelievable amount. The amount of opioid related seizures inflicted by fentanyl have increased immensely by the year of 2016. This powerful opioid is manufactured in China and Mexico and has made it merry way to us where it is illicitly manufactured. It has become a major problem in the New England area. Opioid enforcement officials have been overwhelmed with the recent statistics and have never seen a opioid crisis this serious.

In 2014 there were an average number of around 5,000 opioid related seizures that involved fentanyl. That number increased by 10,000 a year later and doubled completely in 2016. Today, fentanyl is the cause for more fatalities than the opioid heroin itself. With a opioid that is about 40 times more powerful than heroin, users have no escape from it all without wanting to travel on the road to recovery. With fentanyl on the rise and opioid related deaths increasing the importance of your recovery is important. America’s opioid crisis is a very dangerous one and it will take your life as fast as it wants too. As a work in progress, Massachusetts plans to put this crisis to rest one step at a time. Although it won’t happen overnight, success is in the near future and these series of unfortunate events will decrease in time.