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It takes a lot of courage to acknowledge oneself as an addict, and even harder to consciously decide to get help. Being addicted to any kind of Narcotic or Opioid can have severe repercussions following continuous intake. The side effects show up gradually and is often difficult to identify when you have become an addict, and when it is time to take a detour towards recovery. Addiction can take many different shapes. If you find yourself carrying out any of the following behaviors then it may be time to consider coming to terms with your addiction and seeking help.

The primary symptom of addiction is an irresistible need for repeated usage, losing one’s self control when the addiction is skipped out on.
The individual will not be able to sleep peacefully and will have general drowsiness throughout the day. They will constantly think about the intake of their addiction.
The earlier symptoms can also branch out to severe complexities such as inability to cope up with day to day activities, distancing you from the natural surroundings, minimizing social interactions, and an unusual rush of excitement when in contact with groupies with similar opioid addictions.

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