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About Suboxone® Doctors in MA

We believe in serving effective opioid medication and cure for Suboxone® addiction. Norton Health Care has been working since 2004 and delivering solutions to people and their families which are affected by addiction. At Suboxone MA Healthcare Center, we treat addiction as a chronic disease that requires extensive management and support.

Norton Health Care holds license in OBOT (Office-Based Opioid Treatment) and provides Suboxone® MA and Subutex Treatment in Massachusetts. We aim at providing holistic heroin Addiction treatment and cure for methadone dependence, which often arise due to other medical & psychological conditions. Norton Health Care works as a helping hand for those who avoid seeking treatment, because of varied reasons such as internal shame, fear, stigma and anxiety.


Delivering finest addiction services to individuals and helping them to live a healthy and blissful life.

Suboxone® Treatment

Approved by FDA in the year 2001, Norton is a well-recognized Suboxone® treatment center, MA who provides effective medication to treat opiate addiction. With its Suboxone® treatment centers, Massachusetts, they bring forth the ideal OBOT (Office Based Opiate Treatment) set up that treats patients under the supervision of approved and authorized Suboxone® doctors in Massachusetts.
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Subutex® Treatment

At Norton Health Care, Subutex® Treatment Centers we help you fight opiate addiction with great care, effort and with the help of Subutex® Treatment. Subutex® Treatment is prescribed to opiate addicted patients to help reduce the dependence of patients on opiates or drugs.
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Heroin Addiction Treatment

Norton’s Heroin treatment center helps you to treat Heroin addiction completely in an ambivalent OBOT addiction treatment center that is Office Based Opiate Treatment center. Heroin is the most commonly abused opioid which is derived from morphine and in the process causes psychological and physiological dependency of patients on the Opioid. It arrests the mind of the individual and hampers the daily activity of the person.
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Buprenorphine® Treatment

Be it general opiate addiction or Heroine addiction, Book your Buprenorphin®e treatment Massachusetts today with the leading and authorized Buprenorphine doctors at all our OBOT (Office Based Opiate Treatment) Norton Health Care centers.
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Opiate Addiction Treatment

Opiates and opioids are derived from opium; however, opioids are synthetic opioid and produce results somewhat same as an opiate. Abuse of opiate opioid causes addiction and opiate addiction treatment often causes patients to go into withdrawal.
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Oxycodone® Addiction Treatment

Oxycodone® is a pain relieving medication. View oxycodone treatment in massachusetts doctors list here. The medicine has a capacity to reduce pain of cancer suffering patients as well. The concentration of the main ingredients present in the opioid cause a state of euphoria in the opioid user, and overdose of the same can lead to addiction.
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Percocet Treatment

Prescription opioid abuse has become one of fatal addictions of the age. One such mostly abused prescription opioid problem is Percocet. Percocet is the commercial name for a painkiller, which is a combination of acetaminophen and oxycodone.
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Book Appointment With Opiate Norton Health Care Doctors and Suboxone® MA Doctors

Opiate Addiction is like a sugary trap; the more you run away, the more it will overshadow you. Therefore, it demands right treatment with patience in order to eliminate the possibilities of relapse. Norton Health Care is a fully-integrated clinic that provides addiction cure services to people living in the U.S. We, at Norton, believe in serving effective opioid medication and cure to opioid addicts in an office-based sitting in our clinic. Norton Health Care holds years of experience in delivering top notch addiction treatments under the guidance of renowned professionals who not only help their patients in achieving holistic recovery, but also follow up patients till they overcome from the relapse phase. Doctors at Norton Health Care treat addiction as a chronic disease that requires extensive management and support. We aim towards providing best treatment, so that patients can see their life with a new vision. We are determined towards a goal - “To hold their hands and drive them back to their joyful life”

Free yourself from Opiate addiction with Suboxone® Doctors in Ma

Norton Health Care is a licensed addiction treatment clinic in OBOT (Office-Based Opioid Treatment) and provides medication via Suboxone® and Subutex®. Norton Health Care offers a full spectrum of substance abuse treatment services based upon individual needs. Depending on the drugs in your system, you may need to go through a detoxification process, or “detox”. Medical Detox is our highest level of care and involves round-the-clock medical monitoring of the withdrawal process to ensure that your body safely heals from opioid dependency. Book Appointment with Suboxone Treatment Center

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